Finally Makes Sense!

For 3 times, my plans of going to US this year was cancelled. I was so sad. Imagine, 3 times na udlot. Sakit kaya nun!

Anyway, at least now, yung reason kung bakit di na ako aalis is justified na.

It’s confirmed, Auntie Grace is finally visiting this Christmas. She’s been in the US since 2004 eh. We badly miss her already. Lucky me and my family, we were able to see her nun 2006 when we went there. I’m so sure sina lolo and lolo super miss na nila si Auntie Grace, malamang yun, iyak yun pagkita nila! I’m so excited!

Uncle Chris is also coming home from Xiamen but he and Chad won’t spend Christmas here. That sucks! But it’s okay, as long as he’s coming home even for a short time.

Uncle Chris is arriving on the 26th of November and Auntie Grace is arriving on the 9th of December. I’m SO EGZITED!

BTW! My favorite girl, replied to my Tweet again! So cute! Kasi I wasn’t able to go online the whole Monday. I was so lazy to backread the tweets na, I normally read all the tweets kasi. SO I just tweeted na I’ll just read the tweets of my favorite girls @MsBlakeLively & @annecurtissmith. here’s anne’s tweet back.


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