Labor Day and Reunions – in Lucban

It’s Labor Day and it only means my Rañosa family will head to Quezon for their annual Quebrado family reunion (Tatay’s mother’s side). Of course, it will be my first time to join their reunion, and we also have Coco in tow.

At 1 month and 5 days, Coco already had his first road trip/out of town trip going to Lucban, Quezon (too bad, we’re too early for the Pahiyas Festival).

It was held in Batis Aramin Resort and Hotel (Brgy. Nilupak, Lucban, Quezon). Actually, I wasn’t able to go around the place since I was carrying Coco the whole time. I didn’t swim as well since I am not sure if I am already allowed (at 5 weeks post-partum) and also, I am caring/nursing Coco.

I wasn’t able to take pictures of the place, but you can check on their website (just click on the link up there). There is an entrance fee of 140php for adults (another fee for children and senior citizen, but I forgot how much it is) on top of the payment for the cottage fee.

Before the day ended, we went to Kamay ni Hesus Healing Center which is just across Batis Aramin. It is a shrine on a hilltop. You have to climb up (around 300 steps i think) to the grotto where a 50 ft tall statue of the Ascending Christ stands. They say that many go there to pray for a certain miracle they need in their life, and some would go back to thank because of their answered prayer. Also, like what my mother in law told me when she climbs the hill, that at the middle part she starts to get exhausted but once she prays for strength and she was able to finish until the top without exhaustion.

Kamay ni Hesus also has attractions wherein kids can learn more about the Bible. It has a large boat depicting Noah’s Ark, a tropical Garden of Eden, Last Supper, Jesus’ way of the cross and a few biblical figures. Kamay ni Hesus is also a very popular spiritual destination during the Holy Week.

But since it was just a month after I gave birth and I have a fussy Coco I didn’t attempt to climb the grotto. I will have to wait for another time.

Mass Schedule:
Regular Mass:
Weekdays – 9:00AM
Saturdays – 5:00PM (anticipated mass)
Sundays – 7:30AM, 9:00AM, 10:30AM, 11:30AM, 4:00PM

Healing Mass:
Wednesdays and Saturdays – 9:30AM


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