Faith's Last Stop (Lola Fe's Burial)

Faith is the meaning of my Lola’s name, Fe. As her name implies, she really has a strong faith with the Lord. As what Uncle Manny said in his eulogy, she has passed on to him and his siblings and to her grandchildren her deep Faith. She does not only have faith with the Lord but with each and everyone of her family. She understood that her son wanted to go on a different religion. She understood the mishaps of the family. She had faith in each of her apos’ dreams in life. Even though I wanted to fly to LA when she was so sick already, my papa told me that’s it’s better to just stay here and finish school because that’s what lola fe would like to happen for me. So, I just stayed here.

And so she – her ashes – was brought to the country, her home originally. She was laid on top of my Lolo Danny’s grave. Perfect final stop for the faith. It was a beautiful saturday morning. Perfect for her burial, for the family reunion.

I still can’t believe up to this day that she is really gone.. that it’s just her urn that I was able to held on to when I met her again. But I know she’ll just be here guiding me as I journey through life. I love you Lola Fe! I’ll really miss you!

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