He wanted to get to know me

I just watched Gossip Girl season 3 episode 14 The Lady Vanished

Me and Serena have the same “issue” in life. We’re both looking for our fathers. We both know where to contact them but we ain’t getting any reply. She doesn’t know why he left and I don’t know why he stopped communicating with me. And we both wanted to get to know them. (Uyy damang dama ko si Serena hahahaha!)

In this episode, she tried to talk to Chuck’s mother and asked her why she left him. It was therefore concluded that something’s are really meant not to be spoken.

Serena finally called his father for the last time and told him that she’s not looking for him anymore. “I thought maybe you wanted to know me, but now it’s me that doesn’t want to know you” For the record, one time in my life, I decided to stop sending those emails I thought my papa doesn’t read. But I still had faith. I didn’t stop believing that one day he will reply. He did actually. At least I am blessed enough that I am not sharing Serena’s luck. That my papa did wanted to get to know me.

So, here’s to more emails of random thoughts and stories with my Papa! 🙂 I can’t relate with Serena anymore coz I’m talking with my papa again. Maybe if we haven’t talked yet I’d cry in this episode haha! I’m happy coz we always send emails already even if I still don’t know the reason why the past had happened. I don’t care anymore, what matters is the now. 🙂


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