Road Trip to Infanta, Quezon

My Lolo David is kinda weak this days and he requested that we go to the beach. Here’s his request granted, November 12-13, 2011 with almost all the family here in Manila.

Ate Mello’s boyfriend, Roan generously opened their family’s beach house in Infanta, Quezon.

We left Manila at 8:30AM to Quezon, via Rizal – passing through the bituka ng manok na daan and arrived 3 hours after. We ate lunch then we went to the beach after.

Super malakas yung waves, since pa-hapon na, nag ha-high tide na and yung water was chocolate-y. It was because of the recent typhoon. But despite the color naman, di naman siya madumi nor makati. The kids loves the waves. Most of all, Lolo loved walking by the beach.

While mom and my cousins went to the market to buy stuff to prepare for dinner, the others rested, I stayed with the kids and while Jhe was asleep. We had lots of food for dinner na sobrang sulit yung pag intay sa food.

We left early the next day because they wanted to watch Pacquiao’s fight.

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