Celebrate GrandParents Day at SM

I have 3 sets of Grandparents.

I never met my Lolo Danny (my Papa’s father) but I am very dear to my Lola Fe (my Papa’s mother) whom I only was able to spend time with when I went to US twice, once when I was 5 years old. I remember her baking for my 5th birthday cake, I remember harvesting her fruits from her fruiteria backyard. I remember her sending me a porcelain doll. I remember her sending me greeting cards during Christmas time. The last time I saw her when I was 20 years old, when I again went to US. That was the last time.

I had a few summers, Christmas and New Year’s celebration with my Lolo Ding and Lola Paz in Lipa. They’re my siblings’ grandparents. Despite the fact that I don’t have their blood, they didn’t treat me differently. I was technically their eldest apo (because I am older than their real eldest apo). They loved me the same.

Lolo Ding passed away in 2001 (I think.), my Lola Paz in 2010, 20 days after Lola Fe followed.

My life revolved around my mom’s parents – Papang and Mamang. I can’t not celebrate holidays without them. I grew up having them in my life, they were the constants right from the moment that I was born. Traveling from Cavite to Pasig to celebrate my birthdays. My summer vacation consists of spending it at their home in Cavite, playing with my ates and kuyas (cousins) and eating and drinking Mamang’s paninda. (Hihi) In 2009, they were transferred nearer to our home. I always try to visit them whenever I have free time. When they were stronger, we usually go to SM Megamall, to eat out, to just stroll from A to B and attend mass. 2 weeks ago, my Mamang passed away. I can’t imagine life without her. But at least, she is in a better place now.

It’s Grandparents day on September 10, 2017. Please date your grandparents, bring them to the nearest SM Malls to your place. Do this for me please, I’d date my Papang if he still can, but he can’t. I’ll just count on everyone who will be reading this.grandparentsdaysm2017
Visit this link to know the schedule of activities at the nearest SM Malls in your place.

And Don’t forget to celebrate a special #DateWithLoloAndLolaAtSM this September!


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