Blog Hiatus

It has been almost a month since my last blog. I miss blogging. I sort of miss fixing this blog because of the Photobucket problem.

But the past month has been quite a roller coaster of emotions. I spent a couple of days with my bestfriend who will be leaving in a few days. My grandmother died. And all other stuff I neglected to do the past few weeks has been hunting me now, one of it is this.

SM has been inviting me to attend their Grandparents day event. But I really can’t. I might just breakdown if I’ll still go there. My grandmother leaving is and will never be easy for all of us, especially to my mom and siblings.

Anyway, I’ll try my very best to continue editing this blog for pictures to finally come back and to finally post my US 2017 travel series. Can’t wait for it to be share to all!

I’ll be back hopefully, next week. Gagalingan ko!


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