Pampanga's Best

Date: January 16 – January 18 2010
Going to San Matias, Pampanga (Side trips to: San Fernando, other barangays near San Matias and of course, Bagong Pag-asa)
Goal: Last bonding with Jen before she leaves on Thursday, going back to Canada; Maki-fiesta sa Sto. Nino-Sapa.
It’s my first time to really stay in Pampanga. I’ve been there a lot of times, passed by it loads of times, but it’s just now that I’ve literally stayed put for a number of days.
It’s my first time na maki-fiesta. Nah I remember going to Pahiyas in Quezon but that was ages ago. This time, we went to Joyce’s relatives place in Sto. Nino Sapa. Ate yummy Buko Pandan. Watched the prosisyon ng Sto. Nino then joined the prosisyon. Then we went to the Peryahan and rode the Caterpillar. And you know what, when I was still in SPCP, the Caterpillar seems so fast, pero nito, it’s so slow. Maybe, when we were younger, yung level na yun, nakakatakot na.. ngayon, hindi pala. LOL. And then tumaya kami sa booth dun and then nag food trip kami ng mga street foods ni Jen! Yum!After two years, nagkita na kami ni Justin. He’s one of my closest friends in ESA. I invited myself over their resto, Jun-Jun’s, my favorite! He treated us with their yummy BBQ and Bibingka. After that, we met up with Jen & Joyce’s friend and we hang out at their place. LOL. Ayan, may new found friends na din si Justin sa Pampanga: Joyce & Dianne.
Then off we go to Bagong Pag-asa! Yes! Santino’s place. Good to be able to visit it before the show ends. This trip I’ve seen so many churches, I visited some of them too. They’re so beautiful.

So yeah, this trip is my last bonding days (for this moment) with my friend Jen. And I really enjoyed it. Nakakamiss kaya yung life dito sa probinsya. Simple, but super fun. Easy lang eh. But si Jen talaga ang mamimiss ko. As if I don’t talk to her online almost everyday ano? Wala lang, iba kasi yung nanan lang siya.. I’ll miss you and I love you! we’ll just talk online okie?

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