Halloween Sleepover 2009

Few weeks ago, we thought of having a sleepover, when Halloween was nearing, I had an idea of dressing up for halloween and at the same time, the sleepover here at my house. So, I asked them when they wanted it. So, I made an invitation agad.
I spend the whole day thinking of what food to prepare. I didn’t have time to make anything. So, I had the food delivered na lang. Typhoon Santi was also the news the whole day. I feared that they wouldn’t be able to come. Seska texted that she wouldn’t be able na. So, Aimee and Gael’s left. Gael went here. We just watched TV. We’re waiting for Aimee because she still has duty. Before midnight she texted that she couldn’t make it anymore. We all hate Santi for ruining our plans!!!!

So, it’s just me and Gael. We ate and ate. We watched TV, internet and watched Blue Lagoon. Then, we tried to sleep, but we ended up talking and talking and talked about the past and even the present. Laughed it out actually.
It was still fun. Even if the other girls weren’t there. BOOOOOO!!!! We missed you here! Ay! Our outfit wasn’t planned. When Gael arrived, I was suprised that we were wearing the same thing. hahaha! Kulit.

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