My very own Blair Waldorf

I haven’t seen my bestfriend for quite sometime now. I super miss her and got lots of stories to tell her. She has lots of stories to tell me too. This is our much needed UBBE! Ultimate Budi-Bonding Experience.

I downloaded Gossip Girl episodes for her, so she went here and we watched them.
It’s so fun watching Gossip Girl with my bestfriend. It’s like we’re seeing each other in S & B. Well, she’s Blair and I’m Serena. Haha. She doesn’t have her Chuck Bass yet. I don’t have whoever S is dating. I want a Dan Humphrey sana, but then it would be incestious na. OHHHHH!!! INCESTIOUS! LOL. My own private joke.

So funny, when Budi came she was wearing this starstudded top and I was wearing a heart studded top. Haha. We’re so cute!
There’s no salad diet when she’s around. aaack. Pizza!!! But it’s fine, as long as we’re together and having fun!

It’s always my happiest state when I’m with my bestfriend (no matter how sad I am..or she is)! ❤

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