Friday the 13th

Many people have coined this day as an unlucky day. It has been a superstition for so many years. They say many bad things happens everytime this day comes around.

I remember almost a decade ago, there was a huge accident in the highway leading to my subdivision. A kid got run over by a steamroller (pison). It was Friday the 13th. I remember blaming Friday the 13th for my lost sim card, my burnt favorite pants and being late for school because I couldn’t get a ride. I also remember that there are no 13th floors in buildings with more than 12 stories high.

How did this superstition exactly began? They said it was just a combination of two older superstition that friday is an unlucky day and 13 is an unlucky number. Unlucky Friday was associated for some Christian stories – Eve accepting the forbidden fruit, the beginning of the great flood And Jesus Christ’s crucifiction. It was also considered an unlucky day in Canterbury Tales (whaaat. I remember reading this in junior year. LOL). The number 13 was considered unlucky because of Christian symbolism of the omen – 13th guest in the last Supper, Judas who later betrayed Christ.

But for the last 6 years, Friday the 13 has been MY DAY. I remember being so bitter when my ex broke up with me. I said, the next time I’m gonna have a boyfriend, I’ll make sure it’s a friday the 13th. LOLz to me. BOO. But then, F13 is my day not because of him. That part of my past is way way way over and done. I just like it. I’m attached to it. Maybe because I met personally one person I super love (not in a romantic way dude) the most on that day – 13th and not even a Friday. I even met that person 12 days after my ex and I broke up. Serendipity i suppose? LOL. For me, it’s a lucky day. And even if it’s not F13, all 13’s of the month is my lucky day. 13 will always have a special place in my heart.

So, that’s my history. Mababaw (:

Nothing special happened for today but got 2 inquiries and hopefully they’ll order from me, lucky 13 please work on your power! Oh, I remember waking up reading my bestfriend‘s text “Happy Friday the 13th!” and her Y!M to me “It’s your day today!” It made me smile! Haha!

How was yours? Kwento!

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