Bitter days.

Julie ambushed me.
We were just chatting, after 2 hours, we’re already in the mall.

She asked me how was I able to accept what I had with him before?
I said, I’m plain stupid.
She asked if that was okay with me?
I said, of course not, but what can I do.
She said, what will she do?

That was hard, what did I do before?
Ah. That I don’t want her to do too.
I told her, Don’t!

But then I realized how she is feeling, I was in her shoes 6 years ago.
And despite of I, knowing what would be right for me, I still go for something stupid.
I just told her if she wants to go for it, then go, but don’t expect too much, have limitations.

Gosh. I’d have to remember that sick old days of my life, something I don’t want to remember. EVER. But for my friend, I will. Whatever it takes, I will, just for her. Aww.

I love you Julie, I hope you’ll do what’s best for you!

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