Oh Brother.

But of course, my birthday 2014 isn’t complete without my kuya/bestfriend, Carlo and Mei with Pem and bonus, Pau, Ivy and Dylan.

More than a decade of friendship, still couldn’t believe that we, Carlo and I are friends. Not just friends, we’re family. I was a little girl who got a crush on him when we were kids, he was just starting his career. I could be a fan girl, as you call it nowadays, memorized all his movies and TV Shows – never missing any of it, Until now! But of course, that crush thing was totally over from the moment I met him and became friends with him. He’s been in my life for like ever. I could say that I was his biggest and number 1 fan. But now, of course, I give that seat to Mei (I’ll be number 2, next to Mei haha). He’s “THE CARLO AQUINO” to everyone, but he will always be my kuya and my best friend. He’s the most humble person I’ve ever known. I really thank God for giving him to me.

Thank you for always giving time for me kuya, for the love lalong lalo na kay Coco. He’s so lucky and blessed to have you in his life, katulad ko. We love you forever. We will always be here for you – from teleserye to another, to another film and another. Of course to Mei, for making my kuya’s heart happy. I love you too, you know that. I gained another sister when you came to my kuya’s life.

End of mushy post.


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