Now Open: Gymboree SM Megamall Fashion Hall

I was surprised to see the new Gymboree branch in Megamall open, since when I dropped by a few days ago, it was still closed. Anyway, we didn’t let the opportunity passed, so Coco had an hour of play today.

So funny how Coco was so fixated with this bridge and the slide. It is his first time to slide by himself, as well as climb the slide by not using the stairs.

I just noticed that the mat by the small hoop was cut short, that’s why when the babies walk by it, they trip. Coco did trip for a few times when he played ball. Hope they would fix it.

It is also strict when it comes to bringing in of companions of the babies. There is a one companion policy which makes the place less crowded, unlike with the Gymboree Eastwood branch that allows more than one companion to come inside.

Can’t wait to be back to Gymboree and let Coco play and explore!


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