The Tinkerbell Monologue

written by margs.

To Peter Pan:

You know, I glow the brightest for you, even though I’m just a mere little fairy in your crew.
Just a temperamental drama queen of a pixie light darting around. Tinkling bells is just what you hear, but I never really make a sound.

I wanted your attention. Me alone. But even though, they got you, I just let my feelings to you unknown. I only have one feeling at a time. That’s just I can have or i will die.
I love you. I love you so much Peter, But what can I do? For making me feel this way, I can also hate you. My possessive little mind really gets jealous. What can I do? I’m becoming rebellious.
But why is it that it’s still Wendy? She left you. She chose her dreams over you. I didn’t. Even if you hurt me. Because I love you.
Why can’t be me be the Darling of your eyes? When you’re the shining light in my life. I would lay down my life, for you Peter. Only for you. I would die.
As my glow dims to its lowest, I’m almost in my darkest moment.
I breathe the last breath of my life, it’s still you who’s in my mind.
But if you see me in my near death life, and just in case, you come to realize how important I am to you, You just have to convince everyone to help you.
I do believe in Fairies” is the clue. To make me alive and live for you.


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