Not SAD.

How did you spend your Valentine?


I visited my mom in the hospital.
My class was free cut.
My friend gave me a rose and a letter. Loves yah my Teddybar!!!!
Gerry’s with Pam.. had the tower. pocha. Ang lakas natin Pam!!! Pero hindi kami depressed mga loka!!! we just wanted to drink! hahahaha!
Talk with Jill sa fone! Hi bby!

Nice day actually!!!

You see, Valentines Day is not only for lovers. It’s also for you and your friends and it’s also for yourself. That’s why i made my self happy today.

Just like what i said sa aking text message to my friends: Sana lalo pang tumalbog ang inyong mga puso, di lang sa inyong minamahal, mga kapamilya’t kaibigan, lalong lalo na sa inyong sarili. Maligayang araw ng pagmamahal!

Totoo naman eh diba? Love yourself. Marami kasing nakakalimutan na mahalin ang kanilang sarili dahil sa ibang tao eh.. diba? Kaya my message for everyone was to remind them to love themselves.

Hindi madrama ang v-day blog ko ngayon, not unlike last year coz, ewan, i just feel so special today. =D I’m Happy! No reason to make drama even though walang date!!!!!!! Kaya my blog title is not SAD. it’s not Single Awareness Day for me. I didn’t feel like I am single. hahahahaha!!! Hindi ako bitter or something. I’m just happy. really. =P

I just hope you guys had a happy day today, just like what i had! =P

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