The Wedding

I’ve been dreaming of that faithful day when I will be walking down the aisle, all eyes on me, the love of my life waiting for me at the end and staring at me.

Up to this date, I’ve been to 13 weddings. Most of them are of my relatives. I was the flowergirl and later, the bridesmaid. Lately, I’ve been going to weddings of my friends. Today’s the second one for the year. Yes, make me a Jane Nichols of the 27 Dresses.

I love weddings. I love attending weddings. It makes me more giddy if I am have a special part during the ceremony. I feel extra special because I was chosen by the couple to be part of their special day. I feel special to be able to witness their profession of their undying love.

I’ve been dreaming of my wedding day on that faithful day with my sweetheart since the day that I knew about love. Even if I don’t know who he is or who he will be. I’ve been a singleton for the last 5 years.

but then

Weddings are the best time that you forget that you are single.” – Jane Nichols

Have you noticed it? The bride’s extra pretty and the groom’s extra handsome on THEIR day. It’s because of LOVE. It’s because of the happiness they feel because they have each other. They’re very much inlove that you feel happy about the love love feeling it also gives you, that’s why you forget that he has her and she has him and you don’t have someone. ouch.

Okay, so here I am, down to my 4th (consecutive) entry that talks about love. Making me one helluva hopeless romantic. Yes, a self proclaimed one. Admitting to myself that it is the love month already and it’s just 6 days away before D day. And I am still clueless on what’s going to happen to me on that day. I’m not cynical okay?

But you know, it’s always been at the back of my mind, wishing that my dreams would finally come true. Me and my forever will finally have our one faithful day of the first day of the rest of our lives. I believe in that. I know that. Even if it takes me 7 more years in the waiting. 😉


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