It's A GiRL!

My Ate Ruthie, 18 weeks and 2 days pregnant is having a baby girl!
Which means, she will be the 7th baby girl in the family (in her generation)!
I’ve got another Goddaughter! (My 13th Godchild)
My 9th niece (because I got 2 from brother)!
Ate and T’s naming her
Ellana Morgan
Almost all my elder cousins have kids already. Last 3 elder cousins who doesn’t have yet.
Let’s see if they’d give us a baby boy in the future, but I’m guessing I’ll be the one who’ll have the boy!


  1. aww.. Im so happy for you guys! 🙂 Naalala ko tuloy si Lucian ko.. Care to check this out frap. we made that blog last 2007, if im not mistaken. 🙂 Love you heaps! ❤


  2. Awwww .. so so cute ! 😦 Sad that my mom threw out all of my ultrasound printouts kasi naiinis daw siya! But i remember the feeling of having an ultrasound and seeing Elise in my tummy made me so happy all the time, even though I asked not to be told the gender ! 🙂 *thinks about having another baby*


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