School Life's over: Fourth Week

Up until the day before graduation day

1. Shopped for Grad Picture
2. Grad Picture Taking (AT LAST!)
3. Crashed at Budi’s house just because.. we’re with Bry too.
4. “SJTP Day” wherein I had a moment there.
5. Reunited with Ninang Yoly and Tita Sandra
6. Drean’s big news – her sister/my friend Angile got married last Saturday; first in our group
7. “The Talk”
8. Nomnom with the boys – Gian, JV, Jowell, Win and Dhel
9. Got my stuff in school coz I left it when I ran to Budi
10. SICK
11. Legacy Day/Class Picture Day
12. Nomnom with kuya Ansel, Owel, Ken and Alvin
13. “The Day” – i spent 3 hrs waiting (also the inauguration of P.Noy)
14. Finally. OKAY!
15. Slept at Discovery Suites for my sister’s 17th birthday
16. Shopped for my grad outfit
17. Baccalaureate Mass


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