My Goal as a Paulinian is this…

So my sister, Rissey graduated from high school this morning, from the same Alma Mater, seven years after mine – with more medals than me. LOL

It isn’t my first time going back to St. Paul College, Pasig after I graduated in 2004. But it felt like one awhile ago for the familiar faces I saw, familiar grounds that I stood up before and the familiar feeling I also had. Even though many things have changed – the Pere Chauvet Gym, the Rotonda, the LRC Front and the Tennis Court to name a few – a lot has still remained and I think, those are enough to remind me of my grade school and high school days.

The Paulinian Mission song started playing —

“My goal as a Paulinian is this: To proclaim Jesus Christ as the Good News to all, in response to the need for total salvation from materialism, unjust structures and apathy through education and care for the sick.

Thus, if life seems rough and the way is dark, I will remember this goal to proclaim Christ at all times, like Mary and Paul for I believe what Jesus said, “I am with you till the end of time.”

And so each day, as I travel on, I will remember that I’m a Paulinian committed to Jesus Christ my Lord, to love and serve one another, till in Him we unite.”

— And I sang along, like I was singing it 7 years ago. I realized I haven’t sang it, nor even heard it for the past 7 years. For those years, I know I don’t remember the lyrics anymore, even with the Paulinian Hymn. But that very moment when they played both songs, I can’t believe I still know it by heart! I guess, it will always be in my heart then?

Our directress, Sr. Teresita Baricaua said, “St. Paul College, Pasig will always be your home.” I guess she’s right because it felt so good to be home, to be back in the school where I spent 1/3 of my life (as of the moment).


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