Back-to-Back-to-Back Musicals

Oh, what a fun December we have, we watched 3 musicals in a span of 5 days. Imagine that?! I watched Atlantis Theatrical Group's Matilda the Musical twice, during their preview night and their very last show. As a child, Matilda was my spirit animal, she was my favorite, that is why I couldn't not... Continue Reading →

Benchingko/Films Presents: Fantastic Forks

It's so cool to see my sister in one of Bench's very much trending online ad. In just a matter of hours it gained thousands of views, comments and shares. Isa isa silang wish kung sino ang gusto nilang makita after a fork fell from the table. Kudos to the brain of this ad!

My Goal as a Paulinian is this…

So my sister, Rissey graduated from high school this morning, from the same Alma Mater, seven years after mine - with more medals than me. LOL It isn't my first time going back to St. Paul College, Pasig after I graduated in 2004. But it felt like one awhile ago for the familiar faces I... Continue Reading →

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