Romantic Moments at Greg & Sally Tree Garden Cafe

My sister’s boyfriend finally asking for her hand to marry. Of course, a surprise proposal was on the works. It was one of their friends who helped Vic to prepare who also scouted the very fairytale-ish place that is Greg & Sally Tree Garden Cafe.
What seems like an enchanted forest, Greg & Sally Tree Garden Cafe gives you an al fresco dining experience in a relaxing ambience of a sprawling garden as you dine on delicious and affordable home cooked food infused with herbs. It also has the rustic vibes of the countryside. Greg & Sally is definitely a place where we build precious and delicious memories.

Upon entering the restaurant’s main gate, you will be welcomed by the cozy and homey set up of the main dining area.
As you walk more towards the back you find a pathway and then a gazebo, where private events are usually held, as well as proposals. Romantic as it already is, it became more swoon-worthy for dates with your loved ones.
So this was how Vic and their friends, Direk Dolly and Smile set the place up, mala lanterns of my sis’ favorite Tangled “I see the light” scene or lantern scene of the MMFF movie that they were a part of, The Boy Foretold by The Stars. As my sister arrives, the whole place will be dark and only the lighted lanterns will give us light.
Here are some snippets of the surprise proposal beautifully taken by the Niceprint team and my sister, Rissey getting the surprise of her life.
Of course, it is an opportunity to dress up and have my photo taken, so here are some OOTD shots c/o my trusty new cam, 1der, and a couple of photos taken by the Niceprint Team.

And then there was food. We were only able to eat after the proposal, of course we were all so . It was all so good. The usual Filipino comfort food, only taste even better. These are good for sharing, 3 to 4 pax. We ordered Bagnet Pakbet, Honey Glazed Chicken Platter, Mangga’t Sago, Pork Sisig Platter, Sinigang with Crispy Liempo and solo plate of daing na bangus for Coco, taken when it was almost finish. 

The proposal crew – my family minus Angelo, Direk Dolly, Smile and Vian who picked up Rissey from their condo. The friends who did a great job in helping Vic from brainstorming, planning, set up and the main event.

Watch the proposal here:

Greg & Sally Tree Garden Cafe is definitely a proposal worthy venue. Congratulations to my sister, Rissey and future brother-in-law, Vic’s much awaited engagement! I can’t wait for the wedding day and HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIC!

Greg & Sally Tree Garden Cafe is located at at 145 Ipil Corner Champaca St. Marikina Heights, Marikina City. Contact them at 09158926158 or 82555659. They are open from Thursday/Friday at 11AM to 9PM and Saturday/Sunday at 10AM to 9PM. You can also book a reservation upon contacting them. You can follow their socials at Greg and Sally Facebook and Greg and Sally Instagram

PS. Before I totally forget!!!!

I am so happy that Coco was able to go out of our little unit for the first time since March 2020. He was so happy to see greens and run around. You don’t want to imagine the sweat he had. Grabe, as in para syang bagong ligo. Last March pa sya huling ganun. Shempre, he is just at home the whole day, at hindi naman sya nagtatatakbo dito. He was just so happy. I’m so happy for him. He badly needed this, iba din talaga ang nagawa ng pandemic sa mga bata. Nakakaawa sobra yung nasa loob lang sila ng bahay for their safety. Pero their mental health naman, hindi safe, no matter what the parents do for them. I hope mawala na yung pandemic para makalabas na uli sila freely na hindi natatakot na mahawa sa kahit anong nakakamatay na virus.
Of course, I made sure that he is safe. He has his trusty alcohol strap, but he removed it here because we took pictures. He also wore his face shield and face mask, which are the perfect size for kids.


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