Sa Wakas, A Pinoy Rock Musical

Yung masakit: Pag yung taong mahal mo ay hindi na yung taong minahal mo. BOOM! Despite the fact that I wasn't able to watch around 15 minutes of the play, MEMA pa rin ako. Simple lang. Ang feels, ang lala. Ang hugot, ang lalim. Lahat ng emosyon damang dama ko eh, saya at lungkot, tawa... Continue Reading →

Knowledge Channel’s MathDali

I grew up watching ABS-CBN edu-tainement/E-TV shows like Bayani, Sineskwela, Mathtinik, Hirayamanawari, Epol Apol and my favorite, Pahina. Now that I have a child, I have always wished that these shows be aired again on free TV. Nowadays, it is always these fighting anime/cartoons or Tagalized English films before a Dayserye and It's Showtime (the... Continue Reading →

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