New Educational Show, Mang Lalakbay Takes Children Around the Philippines to Learn

Most of the kids my age who are now parents like me has been missing educational shows like SineSkwela, Bayani, Pahina, Mathinik and HirayaManawari that we grew up to because of the educational crisis that we think our country have. Some factors shows that the lack of educational shows at this age plus the fact that children has been playing online games and doing Tiktok more than trying to catch up with their lessons are to be blamed. But Mommies and Daddies! Don’t fret! Someone’s brave enough to step up a bit. Produced by The Jumpcat Experiment, a new educational-slash-travel-children’s show, Mang Lalakbay, premiered last September 25, 2022 at the ABS-CBN Kapamilya Network. It has took off with a great start as our resident manglalakbay, Vic Robinson‘s Kuya ‘Bay, his Bespren Tuts, and Manang Agi brought children, not only in the Philippines, to Avilon Zoo for its first ever episode.
Mang Lalakbay is our country’s first very educational travel show that takes kids of all ages on wonderful journeys together with Mang Lalakbay, or Kuya ‘Bay. Basically, he will be our virtual guide as he brings us to places in like a “virtual fieldtrip” set up. Together with his Bespren Tuts, Manang Agi, and with the specific venue’s representative, they will tour us around the place and introduce us to different experiences, people, animals and everything related to the it.
In their pilot episode, they brought their viewers to Avilon Zoo where we were able to meet a couple of the animals inside. They shared with us how these animals lived, their characteristics, what they eat, and other cool trivia that children will love to know. The first two episodes focus on animals and the importance of sanctuaries and zoos.
There are pocket segments like Bugtungan and Mga Kasabihan, as well. Not only that, Mang Lalakbay reminds each one of us on how to take care of the environment, of the place where we live in and basically, everything under the sun, because we are all connected and it any thing happens to one, will affect as all.
Mang Lalakbay’s main host is theater, film and commercial actor and singer, Vic Robinson. He will be the one to guide us as we appreciate the beauty of our nation’s priceless treasures. He will sing to us songs in his blue water-proof jacket and bucket hat. We will ride with him to places in a balangay, a dyipni, and traysikel, all of which are truly Filipino. Of course, Kuya ‘Bay will also ride an airplane.
Bespren Tuts symbolized the current generation. He is a fun-loving pup and is updated with the current technology. The Philippine Eagle, Manang Agi reminds us of our elders. She would share wise words and Filipino values and traditions.
Thinking about it, Mang Lalakbay could actually inspire parents to bring their children to places in our country for a fun and learning experience that they will never forget. Mang Lalakbay will do the job to help you start that list. Handa na ba kayong makilakbay kasama si Kuya ‘Bay, Bespren Tuts at Manang Agi, mga Lakbayers! Catch Mang Lalakbay every Sunday from 9:30AM to 10AM at the ABS-CBN Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z Channel 11 at iWant TFC.

Mag-aral at maglakbay kayang kaya magsabay basta kasama si Kuya ‘Bay!

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