What to Look forward to Hong Kong Disneyland #DisneyHalloween 2022

I didn’t get to experience dressing up nor trick or treating when I was a kid, as the season wasn’t popular yet but I did accompanied my then little siblings and cousins to a couple of Halloween events. Realized when I was already a mom how it finally gave me an excuse to dress up as well as Coco and I do our twinning Halloween. If you’ve followed me through the years, you’d notice how I take such great effort in preparing and dressing up Coco for Halloween. It has been our favorite holiday. What more if you add Disney and Halloween together, it will be nothing but spectacular!HongKong Disneyland 2022 Halloween - 1
It is our first Disney Halloween experience and I’m so glad that we were here during the opening day last September 16, 2022. It was an amazing Halloween bash and I would like to share with you what to look forward to at this year’s Hong Kong Disneyland Halloween Celebration:

Halloween Installations

You’d know it is definitely Halloween when the famous Mickey landscape at the entrance area becomes a semi-pumpkin patch, plus pumpkins of all sizes has taken over the park – from a huge Mickey head pumpkin at the rotunda in Main Street, Halloween pumpkins that glows at night into your favorite Disney characters, to dressing up the lamp posts. It’s Halloween!
HongKong Disneyland 2022 Halloween - 6HongKong Disneyland 2022 Halloween - 7HongKong Disneyland 2022 Halloween - 5HongKong Disneyland 2022 Halloween - 4HongKong Disneyland 2022 Halloween - 3HongKong Disneyland 2022 Halloween - 2HongKong Disneyland 2022 Halloween - 12

Disney Villains Meet and Greet

Disney Villains are out and about because it is Halloween. This is the only time that they are reigning the park with their presence and their feisty attitude. You’d meet Captain Hook, the Big Bad Wolf, the Queen of Hearts and a lot more at the Halloween Time Festival Garden area in Fantasy Land. While Maleficent, Cruella de Ville, and the Evil Queen around Adventureland. The Tremaine Family aka Cinderella’s Step-mother and her ugly and evil stepsisters around the side of the castle towards Tomorrowland. It was evilish yet fun to see them once in a while.
HongKong Disneyland 2022 Halloween - 8

Halloween Merchandise

The Disney Villains merch dominates all the stores around Disneyland during the Halloween season. T-shirts, bags, toys, pens, headbands, etc etc. Who wouldn’t love Jack Skellington from the Night Before Christmas dolls too!
HongKong Disneyland 2022 Halloween - 14HongKong Disneyland 2022 Halloween - 15HongKong Disneyland 2022 Halloween - 13

“Let’s Get Wicked!”

For the meantime, the Theater in the Wild’s Lion King would rest as they showcase our favorite Disney Villains in their own musical. Ursula, Maleficent, Rapunzel’s Mom, and Gaston would remind us how they tried to take over the lives of our Princesses in their most evil ways in a SPOOKtacular number that would leave us in awe.

Mickey’s Halloween Time Street Party

Mickey brings out the whole crew to a fun street party from Main Street to the right of the castle all the way to Mickey Wondrous Book Area. Mickey, Minnie and Goofy are in their pumpkin float as their friends dance through the crowd. Don’t forget to say Hi! to Duffy and Friends, Vamperina and Sofia the First too!
HongKong Disneyland 2022 Halloween - 19HongKong Disneyland 2022 Halloween - 20HongKong Disneyland 2022 Halloween - 21

Halloween Food and Drinks

Some restaurants would have a special Halloween menu for the park goers to complete their Halloween experience. There is even a drink that resembles blood in a IV Pouch. Popcorn containers even change to Mummy Mickey and Light up Zero.
HongKong Disneyland 2022 Halloween - 17HongKong Disneyland 2022 Halloween - 16HongKong Disneyland 2022 Halloween - 18

Halloween Music

It’s around the Adventureland area where Disney Halloween Music are played throughout. It would also seem like a huge street party as park goes jive to the music while the host hype everyone before the Wicked Fun Party Zone with Cruella de Ville show begins

Wicked Fun Party Zone Cruella de Ville

As you walk towards Adventureland, you will see a Maleficent and Cruella de Ville installations where meet and greets happen. Don’t be confused with the disguise, Cruella de Ville has its own main show before her meet and greet begins. It was quite popular among the park goers as they would really come once the pre-show begins and would stay till the end of the show. Cruella definitely took the spotlight!
HongKong Disneyland 2022 Halloween - 23HongKong Disneyland 2022 Halloween - 22

Halloween Bags and Crowns

Halloween bags and crowns were given away to everyone at the Fantasyland garden area. Of course, it would be Mickey and Minnie pumpkin versions that kids loved a lot.
HongKong Disneyland 2022 Halloween - 26

Disney Trick or Treat

Who would have thought that one would be able to do trick or treating at Disney? Trick or Treat stations are scattered around the part and would give kids and kids-at-heart a like a generous amout of Disney gummies and mallows to enjoy.
HongKong Disneyland 2022 Halloween - 27HongKong Disneyland 2022 Halloween - 28
Bonus: As the Disney Villains took over Hong Kong Disneyland this Halloween season, guests can purchase the “Double the Fun” Special offer to visit the park TWICE. It means they get to enter once during the Halloween season until October 31, 2022 and enter the part again during the Christmas season which starts mid-November. This promo starts now until January 16, 2023 for only HK$759.
HongKong Disneyland 2022 Halloween - 29

Aren’t you hyped to visit this Disney Halloween season? I think it is now my favorite Disney Season of all. Have you ever visited Disney during this time? Share your experiences from before!



  1. It’s been a decade since I visited Hong Kong Disneyland, and I’m really missing it! That time super daming tao, and summer din that time so walang ganap. Ang super sakto ng visit niyo very fitting sa occasion which is Halloween and it seems like you guys had tons of fun lalo na si Kuya Coco. 😁 Ang super astig ng mga merch nila – super like ko si Cruella! 😍😍 I wish to visit HK Disneyland din hopefully yung may event like Halloween (or Christmas *fingers crossed*). 


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