On a Mission with My Life Saver Watch

Last Christmas, my sister-in-law, Ate Carol, gifted our whole family with Life Saver Watch. I’ve been hearing them clamor about while I was still assisting Coco with his gifts. In short, I have no idea what they were talking about that moment, but I have been hearing Life Saver Watch and how it was so nice. My thoughts at that moment was how can a watch be a life saver and how it was very timely because of the pandemic.

Few moments later, I got to see my own white Life Saver watch. Of course, my questions were answered. It isn’t something robotic that can save a life when someone is in danger but it is something when bought, can add value to one’s life. Because when you buy a Life Saver Watch, 50% of the net proceeds will be donated to Cancer Patients and other Love Hope Faith Group Beneficiaries.

LoveHopeFaith Group (LHFG), which started in 2013, embodies loving, giving hope, and being faithful. It is a business dedicated in helping Cancer patients win their fight. LHFG’s inspiration is not on the success of the business but on the service to help cancer patients, as they believe that the success in life starts with helping others. The challenge is to inspire other people to join the fight. They are on a mission to give joy and hope through cause-oriented enterprise by providing affordable products to Filipinos and by giving back to the community as well. But their main mission is to help more cancer patients in fighting the Big C and win it and encourage people to be life savers.

The Life Saver Watch is available in Blue, Black, White, Green, Red, Pink, Beige, and Gray. I especially love its silicone rubber strap as it is smooth against my skin, does not give a hot and sticky feeling and it weighs as if it is nothing. It has an alloy case that is enough for daily use and water resistant, a mineral glass lens that is scratch and impact-resistant and a hypoallergenic silicon strap. lifesaverwatch2

To buy Life Saver watches and other merchandise, you can visit www.lovehopefaithgroup.com and you can also encourage anyone you know who might be in need to apply as a beneficiary of the LHFG by filling up this online application. Join me and the Love Hope Faith Group in this movement, together, let’s help!


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