Vaccines are Important on our Child’s First 1000 Days

Coco was roomed in with me from the moment he was born and most of his first 24 hours were spent in my arms, breastfeeding. And of course, I was even more enamored with this little big baby when I was already cradling him that the thought of him hurting and crying would hurt me more. I can still remember his first vaccine, and he was just less than a day old and he gets another shot right before we go home. I didn’t want them to get him from my arms, but I did not have the strength to accompany him because I knew I cannot handle it. Haha! I know.. my feelings were valid being a new mom then.
Little did I know I had to do a couple of it again weeks, months after since we must follow a very strict schedule for all the vaccines that he needed, especially during his first 1,000 days of life. I eventually got used to seeing him vaccinated, since I had to hold him and since he does not cry, most likely because he did not notice the injection through his very fatty thighs.
It is during the first 1,000 days of our babies that sets the foundation of their lifelong health and possibly the generation after them. So, aside from nourishing our babies with the liquid gold aka breastfeeding them, which I hope you did/you do, it is also through vaccination that we develop their immunity as we boost their body’s defenses and how their body will react to diseases in the long run.

Remember, just one person vaccinated can stop a spread of a disease, all the more if your whole family or your whole community is. Right? Truly, #VaccineSavesLives, #VaccinesWorkForAll. Maging #PamilyangProtektado so that we will have a #HealthierPhilippines!

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