Hagod ni Lola madadama sa Lola Remedios

The feeling I have when I take my Lola Remedios is reminiscent to my lola’s hagod on my back, when I’m not feeling well or when I was crying as a young girl. Lola Remedios simply gives us just the right care we need to make us feel better, especially if no one will do the hagod for us.

There will always be a season in my life when I would feel too tired, too sick, feeling of heaviness, too sleepy and no cough syrup could make me feel better. And this kind of cough I am talking about isn’t the one with phlegm or not even dry cough. It will just hit me, just make me cough at a certain moment. Cough like you would think I have tuberculosis. Cough that would last a month or two. I don’t even cough the whole day. I don’t know if you get what I mean. And I just finished that season a few days ago. Now I feel better than ever. I’ve already finished a bottle of cough syrup, and it is still here. I’m not getting any better. I’m still feeling under the weather. I still feel worst every day. If it isn’t this time of our life, when coughing is a symptom for covid-19, I wouldn’t worry. But it is the pandemic era and having to nurse this cough in the middle of the night, gives me nothing but a sleepless night. It has started to bother me. Who wouldn’t, right?

It is when I actually both Lola Remedios and took it religiously, as in twice or thrice a day, when I felt better. Lola Remedios Food Supplement Syrup is your all-natural- remedio for lamig. Lamig is a feeling of unwellness or generally, feeling under the weather. Lola Remedios when taken gives us a soothing relief from the sick feeling we have. It is made of a blend of ginger, honey, mint, clove and fennel – which could treat muscle pain, sore throat, nasal congestion, cramps, cough and colds symptoms, nausea, diarrhea and other stomach discomforts, headache, relief sleeping difficulty, increase immunity, has anti-oxidants, antifungal, antiviral properties. In short, all-in-one remedio talaga!

What’s even better is that because #LolaCares, it is only Php10 per sachet and is available in all leading drugstores and even your neighborhood stores.
PS. Lola Remedios 15ml sachet can be used as needed, but approximately 1-3 sachets a day. It is not intended for pregnant and breastfeeding women and those with allergy to menthol flavors.

PPS. Lola Remedios isn’t a medicine but a food supplement syrup only, that can be your “first aid”. I also took vitamin c, cough syrup and some more..


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  1. Maganda po talaga ang lola remedios lalo na sa mga lamig sa atin katawan. Malaking tulong para mailabas tska madami rin benefits yong lola remedios


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