I'm Officially Grad-Waiting!

I haven’t got a decent sleep since our final paper was due weeks ago. Then, my final recital came up, time to do the presentation and video. I literally don’t sleep. I’m tenser than tense. Stressed than stressed. And totally unfocused!

Actually, what’s weird was a few days before the recital, I was already panicking and tensed and stressed. I was supposed to present yesterday but since I’m the 6th, and there’ no time anymore for the 5th. We were moved to today. So yesterday, I was able to revise my slides and my video. And I was really tweeting that it’s so weird but I really feel confident while doing my revising. Nawala yung takot ko at kaba.

It’s all good now. I did it! I had my recitals and it went by smoothly. Thank GOD! I wasn’t sure that I passed until I talked to Prof Ning right after I presented. We both went out of the room. He said, “Yun ang sinasabi ko sa inyo, kahit na maliit ang business, basta alam yung negosyo at natuto“. So, that moment, I felt that this is it na talaga. I went to the washroom, with tears falling down from my eyes. Tears of Joy. This is my moment. I went back to the classroom, watched the recitals of my other batchmates. Then onto the last one, Ashley’s recital, there was a problem with the computer. So, she borrowed my laptop. While I was fixing it, Ms. Annie blurted out to Dean Pax, “Clear na ba to si Margaux, kung okay na, i-clear mo na para makapagmeeting na sila ni Madz tungkol sa yearbook.” Aba aba, itong si Dean Pax, sabay tayo, lumapit sakin at kinamayan ako with the signature Dean Smile on his face. Oh MY, this is for real na!!

I’m officially Graduating BS Entrepreneurship student today! It’s my last day of my entire school school life today. Until now, 2 hours has passed, I still couldn’t believe that it’ now over. Though it will not be over till I get my toga, walk down the aisle of AFP Theater, get my diploma, throw my cap in the air and get yearbook in my hands. Still, it’s over! Teka, I don’t care anymore if I bag any awards on graduation (just what I’ve expected a year back), coz it will just be impossible with so many of us graduating now. Di ko na iisipin na nakalimutan na ng school everything that I worked for in ESA when even during the time that I wasn’t even an Entrep student. Ok lang, I’m DONE!

Press time, it’s 31 days before graduation day.


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