Ultimate Cosmo Girls (Promo I joined but didn't win..) for my Pretty Friends

I joined this contest in Cosmopolitan Philippines last year. So, now I’m posting it here. Sayang we didn’t win! Okay lang, Win or Lose, I’m still a winner coz I have my girls by my side. I’ll see you soon! I love you! Kix knows about this, pero hindi niya alam what I wrote exactly. hehe!

We are the ultimate barkada to win the get-pretty treat because we, the Pretty Friends, exemplify what a Cosmo Girl is all about. Everybody says, a Cosmo Girl is someone who’s fearless, someone who’ll do the best in everything she does, someone who’s always ready to love, someone’s unique in her own way and someone that knows what she wants and try her very best to get it. We are just about that!

Five years ago, we feared that things would change as we move on our separate paths because we were graduating high school and will go to different colleges, but we faced our fears and look how we are now? Same as when we were younger, intact as always, maybe even closer. As an individual, we faced our own fears and remained fearless.

Aimee is now a nurse in a nursery. You think its a cool job taking care of the babies, it looks fun, but it’s not. Sometimes you see her crying because she got reprimanded, even though she thinks she’s doing the right thing or sometimes because she is so tired, but then again, it didn’t stop her from being the enthusiastic girl that she is. She did her job accordingly, who wouldn’t love her in the nursery? She’s the best nurse there I bet!

Seska dreams to become a doctor. When she graduated, she thought she wouldn’t be able to get to Med school, but due to her perseverance and persistence, she was able to talk her parents to enrolling this school year. Fearless as she is, she’s even getting a job to help her parents in paying for her tuition fee. Yes, she’s so fearless that she would really try her best in balancing her time with her job and Med school. I really salute her, imagine how grueling that will be? Good Luck in Med school, Ses!

Katrina is a very shy person, whenever she sees her crush, she would always panic. She’s really like that, even if we back her up, she’d be so scared. But one day, when she knew he would be gone forever, she mastered all the courage she could get in herself and told the guy that she likes him. It wasn’t a happy ending, but at least she was fearless enough to face the consequences and would not have “what ifs”.

Kix is not here in the Philippines as of this moment. She’s been missing us big time already. She still doesn’t know when she’ll come back. For the mean time, she’s trying to cope up with her life there in California and gaining friends. She also gained a lover. She was so happy. I’ve never seen her that way. She even changed for the better but she got hurt. After sometime, new love came her way. She is fearless because despite of being hurt, she’s still open to love again. She’s took the risk and look at her now, she’s even happier. I hope he’s the one for her!

Mitch is our lady architect, she just graduated a few weeks ago. No one ever understood how hard her life was. How hard her defense was, she tried her very best in presenting the best plates. She spent so many sleepless nights and missed a lot of our movie nights because of this. Her defense was the scariest but he faced it with her chin up! Talk about being fearless! But everything was worth it, she’s now a graduate!

Loraine‘s our first college graduate and the first to get a job. She moved to Baguio a few months after she graduated. The fearless one that she was, she worked there and lived there even though she was miles away from her family and her boyfriend. A few months after, her boyfriend got a job at the same company. Life’s never better until he was sent by the company to US. She’s so fearless that despite their situation, long distance relationship, they still made it work.

And I, Margaux, a budding entrepreneur, who just opened her business, Etched Moments. It’s really a struggle being a newbie in this arena, and also because I’m just opening. I don’t even have business in my blood, but see how fearless I may be? I entered the world that I’ve never encountered and never in my whole life that I dreamt of being in this circle. But look where I am now? Busy with orders left and right and hope to be known more and be able to spread my ideas, creativeness and leave an etch in everyone’s heart in every event that I make an invitation or a souvenir. I was scared at first, but I know I can do this.

Maybe one of the reasons why we know that we can make it and we were able to become fearless is because we know that no matter what, be it in good times or in bad times, no matter how far we are from each other or no matter how often (or not) we talk to each other or see each other, we know that we will always be there for each other, we know that there is always someone to catch us when we fall, there will always be someone to guide us when we lose our way, there will always be someone to cheer us up when we are sad, there will always be someone to be our strength when we are weak, and that makes us strong enough and fearless enough to face every challenge in our life, be it as a group or individually.


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