yes, MsBlakeLively sent me a tweet back

I went home around 4am from Ann‘s house party. Read Tweets. Felt dizzy so I finally retired. I woke up lunch time, had lunch. Went back to my room, finished Paranormal Activity which I started watching yesterday (very creepy, but not to the point that I’d get scared at night). Went to Mass. Read some tweets. Facebook. Went to Big R to buy dinner for us and Lolo. Went to Lolo’s in Cainta, put up the christmas tree, got sad because we left soon and didn’t get to see my niece, Sky. Went home. Tweeted and tweeted. Replied to tweets, to Blake Lively‘s tweets. Then, Blake sent me a tweet! OM!!!! I’m the luckiest person on earth! Hahahaha! Remember I was so giddy with Anne Curtis’ tweet back to me? I was like a lampshade that was turned on when I read Blake’s tweet to me! Hahahahaha! I WAS SO HAPPY!

I was just blogging about how the world is so small now because of Twitter and Facebook and other Internet paraphernalia, that I get to interact with Hollywood celebrities now and all that. Woah. But I never really expected a reply from anyone. That’s why I’m so ecstatic. Like no big deal to get replies from local celebs but when it’s hollywood, it’s so different! OM talaga!!!!


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