Coco’s UP Themed 1st Birthday Party

Pixar’s Up has always been one of my favorite animated film. For Coco’s birthday, it wasn’t my first choice, I think I wanted either Rugrats or Transportation themed. But as he grows up, a lot of my family and friends has been saying that he looks like Russel from Up, because of his chubby cheeks. So, then I decided for his first birthday party theme.

I started as early as November 2013 in preparing for his birthday. Canvassing for suppliers and researching on things that I could DIY. As his birthday was nearing, I end up getting more suppliers because I realize that I was having a hard time already. LOL So I just paid for some to save me from more stress. I just DIYed whatever I could do.


Just Kiddos host started the party gathered the kids for games and some dance numbers. They entertained everyone not only with musical dance numbers but also with balloon shaping and the bubble show.

The most important part of the party, is of course the blowing of the candle of the cake

And so I want to thank every one who came and who weren’t able to but sent there heartfelt birthday greetings and wishes to my little one. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I hope you all enjoyed the party I prepared for Coco and you!

Coco’s First Birthday Suppliers here.
Coco’s 12-month shoot here.
Coco’s Cake Smash Shoot here.


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