Coco’s First Birthday Suppliers

❤❤❤❤❤ – highest / ❤ – lowest

1. Club Oasis – One Oasis Condominium (Venue) – ❤❤❤
I’ve been eyeing for this clubhouse since Coco’s baptism. We didn’t know anyone there, so I couldn’t book for an event. The minute I signed our contract for our unit, I immediately booked the clubhouse for Coco’s First birthday party.

I liked the venue because it is somewhat similar to the UP house. But of course, it’s just near my place. It would be easier to prepare and would be very convenient. I still chose it even if I know it is a bit small. I think getting this venue was worth it for me. It is also easy to go to via commute or with car since it’s just along Ortigas Extn. Parking is abundant, but you have to go to the One Oasis Hub for it and take a short walk going to the clubhouse. Our admin was very kind enough to give me a VIP parking for my celebrity guest.

Downside is that: it was very hot. But I think the temperature last Saturday was really hot, that made our venue hot even more. AND Sorry for the traffic, if it was.

2. Blue Petals Catering (Catering) – ❤❤❤❤
They were the one that I got for Coco’s christening last year. I like how they now have a new menu were in the client would choose what food they want. Last year kasi, there’s only set A or set B. Now there is a list of viands available and then you will be the one to customize your menu. I also like how they were kind to lend us 2 sets of chafing dish and extra tables.

Downside is that: They seem slow when they were setting up. It’s not like their set up was complicated for them to work for more than an hour. I wasn’t able to see them work during the Christening because when we arrived the venue, they were finished already.

3. Belluscious Cakes by Belle (Cake) – ❤❤❤❤❤
Need to say more? I booked them the moment I received Coco’s Christening Cake last year. I totally fell in love with the UP cake that they made that time. Last year, I sent a peg for coco’s cake. This time, I just let them design whatever they think is best. Surprise me!

Jaw dropping. The Up house pa lang, you know na pinaghirapan talaga nila. It is so beautiful that I didn’t want to eat them. Thank you so much for the beautiful cake, Belle & Terrence! Worth it every penny, with the design and of course, the taste!

It was 2 days after the party when I was able to eat the cake because I was busy the day after. The cake is still masarap. (EDIT:) Until now, I still have the cake here. Okay pa rin, at 4 days after.

One small comment about the candle, it was wrapped with fondant to its wick that is why during the candle blowing, small lang ang light.

4. Just Kiddos (Hosting/Entertainment/Program/Sound System) – ❤❤❤❤
My package consists of the hosting, bubble show, face painting and sound system. I really enjoyed the program that they prepared for the kids. My guests had fun as well. They said it was different from other parties that they attended especially because of the dance activities that I requested. They were in full costumes – cub scout and dog. Grabe si ate na naka-dog, tiis ganda ang init pa naman! They were very energetic and most importantly, spoke in English! They were also able to incorporate the theme, as well as add my suggestions.

Regarding the sound system, I opted to get it from them na din because they know what they need so, it will be easily coordinated. I requested Frozen songs even if it is for girls and malayo sa theme because it is coco’s favorite.

5. Star Baby Photography (Photo Coverage) – ❤❤❤
They uploaded the pictures 2 days after the event, so I was able to see a sneak peek on them. I love all their shots! So happy that they were able to capture everything I want to remember during Coco’s birthday. Shots from this post all came from them, except the souvenirs, and costumes and the shoot. They were also able to deliver the pictures less than 2 weeks after the event. Almost everything I wanted na ma-capture ay meron. But sa part of pics with friends/family siguro hindi masyado nagawan ng time, only sa group shots. Too many solo shots of certain people, yun pang not really important. oops. But over all, we liked them.

6. JV All Events (Video Coverage) – ❤❤
I was going to get Star Baby sana, but my friend already paid for them but had to back out. So para di masayang, she transferred her booking to me. Videographer Kuya Rudy was very patient and really focused on the important parts of the party. But they were kind of “makaluma” pa in terms of taking the video. After our grand entrance, we had to take pictures or videos with every station (photobooth, cake table, gift table, souvenir table, etc) which really took a lot of time. I like it but for picture purposes siguro, but for taking a lot of time sa video, ayaw ko nun. The edited video as well and the music video is also “makaluma”, parang sa technology ngayon, I was expecting more. But given naman na hayaan na lang since I just need a video coverage for record purpose lang, pagchagaan na lang ba.

Downside: I was surprised when I paid for the balance. There was an additional fee for the one hour extension. First of all, I waited for them to send me the revised contract under my name but they weren’t able to send it to me even until the day of the party. In short, wala ako natanggap. So, I didn’t know what was in store for me aside from the standard video and music video package. As far as I know standard party duration time is 3 hours. All other P/V coverage that I inquired packages included pa nga ng 4 hours. I was caught off guard and I was already tired and all to even argue with him. But until now, I haven’t moved on that I had to pay them extra na hindi naman naming napag usapan.

7. Sweet Shindig (Invitations/Giveaway Tags/Candy Buffet/Chalkboard/Set up/Props-Paradise Falls coin jar and pins) – Do I have to give feedback for myself? If you like it, contact me!

8. Color World (Balloons) – The balloons were not the pale type. Ang glossy niya. Nakakatuwa. I specifically ordered balloons with helium because of my theme. In the end, ang ganda ng dating sa pictures because buhay na buhay.

Contact: 468-0308
58B A. Mabini St.; Kapasigan, Pasig City

9. Lovely Pillows (Major Prize) – I love their beautiful pillows. Very detailed and cute. I only got 4 pieces. Prizes for the kids who got the most badges (and jethro got it!), one for an adult who won one game and another one for coco.

We made a deal 2 weeks prior to Coco’s party. They could even deliver 50 pieces. But I decided not to continue with it. Very okay kausap until delivery time. They told me that I’ll expect the package on Tuesday. Since I was so busy with the party, I forgot about it. And realized that it was already Thursday and I still got no pillows yet. So I contacted them. She said, the package was returned because there was no address. In short, she wasn’t able to ask me my address and she didn’t ask me agad when pick up came at nagdahilan na lang ng ganyan. Kaya nadelay. Nevertheless, I love the pillows. Sana lang next time, be cautious sa sagot, eh nagpapapick up din kaya ako. Alam ko kalakaran niyan.

10. Turtlefish Photobooth (Photobooth) – Maganda ang printing. Okay ang props. They allowed last few shots even though finish na ang time. They made us use our backdrop. Courteous staff. Nice layout – except that the thank you text was small. Wrong text or effect used siguro. Comment of guests was their advertisement of their contact details is too big.

11. Tiddletots (Costume) – They were able to deliver the costume in time for Coco’s pre-event shoot. Need I say more? Coco surely totally definitely looked like Russel.

12. Sicily & Gambino (Shoes) – I paired Coco’s costume with these lovely pair of baby moccasins. It’s so nice!

13. Aces Manila (styro backdrop and entrance sign) – “Surprise me!” ang peg namin. They don’t have a ready made styro backdrop and they made a fresh new one for Coco’s party. I was asking them for the layout but weren’t able to send me one. But they did a beautiful backdrop for Coco. Also, the entrance sign, I am really grateful for the letter standees. I was going to get one for Coco. But realized that it wouldn’t fit my venue anymore. But they prepared one for Coco. Yun nga lang, they didn’t ask me what my son’s nickname was. They used “MAR” for the entrance. Sabi tuloy ng mga tao, “maling party ba ito?” But nevertheless, thank you!

They were just a bit late to arrive, that it was almost party time when they started to set up the styro.

14. Nice Print Photography (Pre-event shoot and Cake Smash) – thank you kuya Mike for always taking beautiful pictures of Coco since day 0 (my maternity shoot). No need for more comments.

15. Tasha’s Balloon & Party Shoppe (Kid’s chairs and tables) – Table cloth were clean and no holes or stains. It was delivered on time. But they didn’t stay to set them up.

16. Papemelroti (Guestbook) – ❤❤❤❤❤
Got a plain scrapbook from them and printed pictures of Coco and made it “Coco’s Adventure Book”.

17. Chef Edick Hemady (Kid’s food) – ❤❤❤❤❤
My uncle drove all the way from Tugegarao to cook for Coco’s kiddie guest a super yummy spaghetti

18. Diviland (Toys as prizes) – ❤❤❤❤❤

19. Blushing Cupcakes (cake smash cake) – ❤❤❤❤❤
Went to their Home Depot branch 2 weeks before shoot date and paid for it. On pick up day, thinking it was already ready because it was pick up day, I went their an hour before the said pick up time, but it wasn’t ready yet. Store manager had their staff deliver the cake to SM Mega/Nice Print studio as soon as it was done. The cake was so sticky, I think it is why Coco didn’t like it when he touched it, nandiri siya. But it was so yummy, even the part that Coco kicked, we still ate it! haha!

20. OMFLit (Tita Yna’s Books) – ❤❤❤❤❤
It was so hard to think of what giveaway to give out, when I decided on getting books from Tita Yna, the ones she wrote. Thank you Tita Yna for the discount! I’m sure the kids loved reading your stories!

Coco’s Birthday Party here.
Coco’s 12-month shoot here.
Coco’s Cake Smash Shoot here.


    • Hi! sorry just now. I think I had around 130 guests? 10 tables of 10 and 30 chairs for the kids. okay naman yung space ng venue, nakaka-ikot naman kami and okay games sa harap.


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