Coco-Saurus The Third (Birthday Celebration)

But of course, can’t not have a celebration for my one and only baby! It was supposed to be an out of town trip but my mom is scared of traveling because of the dangers of the upcoming elections.
cocosaurus3 (1)

Anyway, I asked the little boy what he wanted for his birthday and he said, “I want to sleep at Discovery, mommy“. My baby is such a huge fan of hotels, most specifically, Discovery Suites, which is actually “second home” to my family for the last 16 years. In short, Coco practically grew up checking in this hotel and knows where it is located when you show him the buildings in Ortigas and knows whom he was with during his last few stays at the hotel.
cocosaurus3 (2)cocosaurus3 (3)cocosaurus3 (14)

Anyway, I immediately asked my mom to book us a 1-bed room suite a week before Holy Week and started preparing for Coco’s special day. I chose to celebrate his birthday on a Holy Tuesday (March 22, 2016) so that few of our chosen friends with kids (which are Coco’s favorite friends) could come. I’m pretty sure that most of them won’t be available if I had it today, since it’s Easter weekend. Plus add to that, that I gave birth to him on a Holy Tuesday.
cocosaurus3 (7)cocosaurus3 (34)

I came in with Coco and Ate Ruby and we had to wait for 45 minutes for our room to be prepared. I was getting agitated already because it was taking them so long to fix up a room for us and it was almost 3PM and guests are starting to come in. But they took us to the 22nd floor, at the Prime 22 Lounge for welcome drinks. Upon checking in our room, both Ate Ruby and I quickly started to do the preparations.cocosaurus3 (19)cocosaurus3 (22)cocosaurus3 (9)

When our guests were finally complete, we started eating first. Then once everyone has settled, Coco has his candle blowing.

cocosaurus3 (8)cocosaurus3 (50)cocosaurus3 (10)

Here are the family and friends who took time to celebrate with my boy.

cocosaurus3 (15)cocosaurus3 (13)

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us the life of our precious Coco and for the gifts you also gave to him.

After breakfast the next day, Coco went swimming with Ninang Rissey, Tito Vic and Tito Fred.
cocosaurus3 (33)cocosaurus3 (51)

Thank you also to my Uncle Dong for the yummiest Menudo (super namiss ko your Menudo when you were in UK); to our Ninang Amy for cooking/preparing my favorite dishes everytime they have handaan – mixed veggies and lumpiang shanghai; to Party Pieces by Zoe for the decors (green tassels and orange banderitas) dinayo mo pa only for me; Amazon for The Good Dinosaur balloons, to mama for helping me out in the preparations and booking the hotel room; to Ate Ruby for helping out in cooking food and anything kitchen related, to Angelo’s team mate who agreed to have switch off with him and lastly, Discovery Suites for the room upgrade and late check out (Yes! Worth it ang pag-aantay pala namin).

cocosaurus3 (40)

Coco loves going back to Discov. It has been his home since he was a few months old. It’s so great to always be back “home”.
cocosaurus3 (38)cocosaurus3 (35)cocosaurus3 (36)cocosaurus3 (37)

Today is Coco’s exact birthday. We celebrated it by having lunch at my in-laws house. Coco blew his number 3 candle again and played with his cousins.


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