Get Mystified in the Enchanting World of Tales of Illumina


TALES OF ILLUMINA has officially arrived in the Philippines and it will officially open its doors to the public on December 1, 2021. Mystified to give kids, tweens, teenagers and even adults a whole new encounter, this enchanting world offers both OPULENT and DAZZLING magical-themed experience where everyone would go crazy about it.

Tales of Illumina is a 45,000 square feet themed park that offers original stories inspired in our very own chambers of Philippine mythology. Prepare to be amazed with over 36 WORLD-CLASS INSTALLATIONS that will make you feel that you have visited another dimension. You will get to meet a lot of creatures as you go for an adventure in exploring the magical and whimsical world of Tales of Illumina. Then, get ready to be mesmerized as you get to engage in our multi-sensory interactive spots inside this enchanting world.
What is the story of Tales of Illumina and how did it start? Always wishing her imaginations and visions to come to life, Hiraya is a 10-year old girl who unknowingly made a magical land called Tales of Illumina. People around her love her joyful and adventurous character that they will make everything just for her to remain happy and excited with life. One day, while she is on her way to school, she had a major encounter with a talking tree named Dalakit telling her that she’s about to encounter Tales of Illumina which made her shiver in excitement and at the same time, fear. Hiraya out of excitement were fearfully surprised then she ran and ran until she
couldn’t find where to go and ask Dalakit what’s happening to her. Dalakit explained that her strong imagination about this magical land made it happen.talesofillumina-3 Hiraya ran and reached the Naked Forest, mesmerizingly beautiful, that swayed Hiraya to walk more towards the inner core of the village. It enthralled her tokeep on walking and discovering a play of life that she couldn’t understand. Through Foresta, forest of life in which the path you are taking speaks about the beauty of nature. It will make you feel like you are in a garden of a different world.talesofillumina-4
She was led to a trail of forest leading to a place called The Gaunt, a place where hardships of all the people in the world such as pain, sufferings, betrayals, pressures, and failed expectations are being kept into. Bump into earth creatures that only our third eye can see and walk through the town of mysticism and magic without a fret. Here we come to know important characters of Philippine Folklore.
And as she go through the Cavern of Untold, it made Hiraya understand that all expectations are not bound to be met and all the people in the world needs to be understood because they all go through different path of trials in life. Scary as it may seem, wandering through the Land of Zephyr made her melancholy feelings became better and seems brighter as she unravel in the colorful land of mushrooms where people can eat this and be able to diminish
negative feelings that they have.
Dreams and imagination might be far from reality. But in the Chamber of Dreams, we
are one step away from making it happen! Hope never dies in this place as you
are given a chance of eternal wishing in the Well of Eternal Wishes.talesofillumina-7
In Cloud Dancers, off she goes. Puffs of white magic in acres of blue, you will surely get the hang of sky canvas that creates different hues. Let the spells of the land bedazzle you with the playful colorful lights of Moon Magic. We all wished to sit down on a moon and be as dramatic as we can be. Well, be in high and sit like you own the rest of the world in our La Luna! talesofillumina-8
Get your emotions ready since it doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you are comfortable sharing it! Allow this one corner to overflow with Colors of Emoticons. Glow It! Don’t be too dark, allow everything to glow on your way using your magic hands. talesofillumina-9
The real world is in a much darker and deeper place than this and allowing yourself to move with the rhythm of jellyfish makes it feel as if it is nothing in the Jellyfish Alleytalesofillumina-10
Appreciate each art performed to the tune of nature’s music. The Whimsical Path will not just allow you to dance, jump, leap, and move, but will take you to your next magical journey. Unleash your creativity by making patterns, remember a small spark can Ignite the Colors. Let your dreams flow. Big, or small we have all sizes and colors to catch your dreams inside the House of Dreamers.
Through Pearl of Joy, remember you are like a pearl. It occurs spontaneously in the wild but is extremely rare. There’s always a child in us that will be awaken as you play in this vibrant colorful room of Rocking Bows. There is an undeniable effect of enchantment that can create a powerful lesson for you! This mysticism will leave you breathless and excited as you go on more adventures as you enter the Spectrum.
The Pendulous Pods, a place in this enchanting world that will surely make us realize that there are creatures that are truly bigger than us. In Albania, we remember two love stories that happened on a battlefield where trust is important and character is built. Experience these scenes and be swayed with the characters. Ang Ibong Adarna and Florante at Laura, two of our country’s classic literature that one must know to the heart. The Mystic Bird, so enigmatically gigantic that one cannot help but be awed, make sure you don’t stare for so long! When this mystical bird sings it will put you in a deep sleep and only time can tell when you will go back to life. This Enchanting Fortress is built to make sure you will not suffice to the world of influence. Your thoughts and imaginations will always be safe with us.
Hiraya felt someone was calling her from afar, uneasiness crept into her and to her surprise she’s being called from a palace of creatures and monsters that she didn’t think exist. In her mind, how can a beautiful place like this be filled with something creepy like them. Even if she’s scared and these monsters are creeping her out, she braved it just like how her parents would always tell her. Courageously, she didn’t hesitate to smile and talk to them, just like she would often talk to her classmates and friends.

As she get along with the people in this village, a reality snapped at her, this feels like home and she wanted to protect this mystical kingdom from people who can misjudge and mistreat them. But she knew time is ticking off and her Mom already woke her up from her dreams. With mixed emotions, she hugged her Mom and said “one day, I will be the girl who will look after the people and will not be afraid of everything”. And that’s the story of HIRAYA, once a bubbly little girl turned into the mother of this world.
This is Hiraya. She holds the heart of the Tales. Her blow illuminates every dark dungeon in this magical wonderland. Her gentle smile beacons to all the kingdom. Should I tell this to you? You know where we are? We are in Hiraya’s dream and we are experiencing what she is dreaming too. Climb her hand and let her enchanting story captivate your heart.

Imagine the unimaginable—come across a talking tree, soar with an enchanted bird, and even narrate your own legendary love story. Be among the giant flowers, and unleash your creativity in music and art with our whimsical paths. The Tales of Illumina is a wall-to-wall illuminated attraction that will keep you guessing what’s next to come.

Not only will your social accounts be fed with good and amazing photos and stories, but so will your eyes and heart! Enjoy every minute of your journey as you pass through different realms that hold different parts of your fantasy. Anyone who seeks adventure and can’t wait to feast their eyes for something totally different – prepare to be mesmerized and captivated— the Tales of Illumina will surely keep your phones and cameras busy!

Get ready to discover a new and exciting world in Tales of Illumina!

For a two hour journey, tickets are at Php799 (Online rate) and Php899 (Walk-in rate). Regular price is at Php1,999. But promo rates will be available until further notice. Book online at
Tales of Illumina is located at the 3/F Ever Gotesco Mall, Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City. It has its own entrance, near the Mercury Drug Entrance. Parking space is available. Coming from inside the mall, it is right beside Tom’s World.

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  1. Grabe, gaganda ng mga pictures! Mukhang may bagong pasyalan nanaman para sa mga pamangkin! At sakto ang bukas nila! December! Sana onti tao pag napasyal kami


  2. Looks like a fun thing to do with your kiddos. Are they’re staying there for good? or it it just a temporary? I would love to bring my daughter there too when we visit Philippines next year!


  3. I like the whole concept of it, I mean just look and appreciate those installations and lighting setup. Kudos to the designer!


  4. I checked posts about this place, and I’m considering taking a trip there with the kids. I’m just wondering what else is there? Cause I know there are some shows/performances, too, right?


  5. I’ve been seeing this place on different youtube videos and now that you have shared this, it just proves that this place is where you can take a photoshoot and confidently share and post it on Instagram. I will visit this soon.


  6. This is the first time I read about this and it looks so interesting. Ang ganda pa ng pagka-present mo sa article per area. And… I love your yellow dress!


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