Don’t Sweat it with Tide Instabrite

You know how boys are. They are very active. They want fun. They want action. They want adventure. They are all over the place. And Coco isn’t an exception. With all the movement he does, it is impossible na hindi sya pagpawisan and yung dami ng change of clothes nya in a day ay hindi makatarungan. My worry is sa amoy-pawis na, na clothes, hindi ko naman malalabhan ito agad agad at baka mangamoy din sa hamper.
tide instabrite 1
Buti na lang I found a new laundry partner with Tide Instabrite – it has power boosters that removes microdirt, kaya bye-bye tayo sa sweat malodor. Tiyak na amoy malinis, kahit na pawis na! Sagot na din nito ang problema ko sa pangangamoy ng hamper!
tide instabrite 2
Talagang #WithTideDontSweatIt, our clothes especially that of our boys, will smell so clean and so good, even if pinagpawisan na! Tide Instabrite got yaa covered! Try niyo din ha?


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