Just because Kids Love Hanford, too!

This boy mom here never settles for less when it comes to her boy’s undies. It will always be comfort but it wouldn’t hurt if I also choose style, right? And with Hanford, it is comfort, style and affordability. Big thumbs up for that!
hanford (5)
I started buying Coco “big boy” briefs last year when he started first grade and up until now more than a year from him using it daily, it is still decent to look at. Definitely, Hanford is of premium quality.
hanford (4)hanford (3)hanford (2)hanford (1)
Kaya mga mommies and daddies, #MakeItHanford for your boys, because #KidsLoveHanford!
hanford (6)
Available in department stores, as well as in www.hanford.com.ph , Shopee and Lazada.


One comment

  1. Mamssh, great choice of a brand! Kasi Handford is one of the best brands for undergarments. Definitely a thumbs up for kids! And I’m sure it’s super bagay kasi apakapogi din ng babyboi mo 😍♥️


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