Education during the New Normal, Still #LifeInTheTimeOfCorona

At this time of the #LifeInTheTimeOfCorona, cases waned down and people has started to live with the virus, even if we are still in the pandemic, one of the issues that has been an on-going debacle is if the Philippines is ready to bring back the children to school. In most countries, they have started face-to-face classes last year. Most children has gone back to what they knew was “normal“. Here in the Philippines, it started I think late last year and just a few weeks back here in Pasig City. Coco’s class isn’t included, most likely because of the low vaccination rate of the students. But the DepEd has been really pushing for face-to-face classes for the incoming school year. I now need to decide whether I let him stay in the public school for another year or move him back to private, but a new school.
study online
Honestly, I am not at ease of bringing him back to school, despite that we bring him to public places all the time. The thing is, when we go out, it isn’t a confined place but a public area where air can circulate better, plus we aren’t steady in one place. Compared to a classroom that is enclosed and they are just inside for a couple of hours, I think it is still safer outdoors. We also don’t know what the students, including my son, could bring in the classroom. But then again, we should learn how to live in this new normal.

I am not sure if I have equipped him well enough in the last 2 years, but I hope and pray that I did. He is about to level up to Grade 4 and this is his formative years of learning where he starts to do more than the basic Math skills needed, study Science and not just reading books. I choose to give him the premium education he deserved that I wasn’t able to give him in his first year as a grade schooler plus with what the pandemic gave him and the rest of the world. I also wanted to move him to a Catholic school. So…
San Beda Rizal 1
Today, the weekend before his last week of Grade 3, I finally decided to transfer him to the school that I know that would help us hone him to be a smarter and better version of him than who he is now.

I pray that we will all flourish as a family as we enter this new journey of Coco’s life as a BEDAN.


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