SALObrations Made Special with SALO Lechon Belly

Whether you are celebrating with your family or having work lunch with the whole company, SALO Lechon Belly can serve delicious, comforting and affordable meals that can be enjoyed by everyone. Make your SALObrations special with SALO Lechon Belly and their whole range of the most loved traditional Filipino dishes!SALO Lechon Belly 1
In english, the Tagalog word ‘Salo-salo‘ means “gathering” and consequently signifies getting together with family and friends to eat together, a well-loved Filipino tradition. SALO encourages families, friends, colleagues to come together and share good food through their selection of Filipino dishes and of course, the SALO Lechon Belly.SALO Lechon Belly 2
The star of the feast – SALO Lechon Belly – Let’s be honest here. I’m not the type who loves eating Lechon. I try sometimes, but not in every opportunity that there is Lechon. Today, I tried it and I say, I’ll never look at Lechon the same way again. I loved SALO Lechon Belly. We really couldn’t wait to dig in as soon as we opened its box of 4 kilo goodness! It is crunchy in the outside, juicy and oh so delicious in the inside! We just can’t get it enough, really!

But of course,  make sure to satisfy your taste buds with their sisig, bulalo, salmon belly sinigang, barbeque, fried chicken, caldereta, kare-kare and pakbet to name a few! SALO’s meals really made everything worth SALObrating!
SALO Lechon Belly 12
I actually commend how they pack the meals for delivery. They are all sealed well and was packed properly inside the paper bag. There were no spilled food in the delivery process. Good job!
SALO Lechon Belly 6
Walang katulad na SaloSalo, ano? Whether Work hard, eat #SALO! SALO is indeed perfect for any SALObration, big or small or even for a “just because we want to order kind of day“! Order your favorite SALO dishes thru these hotline numbers: 📞Metro Manila : 09190939967 📞 North & South Luzon : 09190940784 📞 Visayas & Mindanao : 09190940019. Follow their socials at Facebook | Instagram.


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