countdown na!

now i’m back in Orange. We will stay here for a few days before we leave for our flight home.

countdown: 4 days before our flight back to pinas. woohooo!!!!

excited na ako. kahit na hindi ako makakapagpahinga paguwi ko kasi mag unpack ako ng things ko tapos may class pa ako. kayanin ko kaya? hahaha.

yeah, thursday night we were at tita Malen’s house. finally saw her baby, Romayne. SOO cute. kaso hindi sumasama sa iba. kay moommy and daddy lang, kahit kay lola nga hindi eh.

We went to Seaworld, friday. it’s actually our last ‘happening’ before we go back to LA. It’s good to see Shamu again. Shamu’s my favorite. i love that killer whale to bits. hahahaha. When i was a kid i was so amazed with her. My Shamu stuff toy is still with me. i so love Shamu. When i watched her, i was still amazed with her!

Saturday’s rest day. I just read a lot of magazines and watched Little Mermaid II. But at night time we went to Chuck E Cheese. It’s like Timezone for kids. haha. ang kulit kasi ni denzel eh.

Today, we went to church and ate at Hometown Buffet. yet another buffet. good luck to me. bilog na ang cheeks ko. ang taba ko na. How will i lose this stuff in my body. grr..

anyway, hey everyone! PF and Grrkada.. see you soon. i’ll be home in a few days. hugs to all. mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah



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