Snowy Saturday at Tahoe

My family together with Auntie Grace and Uncle Arman went to Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe.

Finally, I am able to touch, grip, hold, lied down and hugged the snow. I thought I would never see snow in my lifetime!

We ate lunch at Fireside Pizza and Pasta Place. I was able to see a Siberian Husky too. That’s my favorite breed of dog, too bad I wasn’t able to take a picture with him.

After lunch, we went back to the snow and played and played and took pictures and played.

We also went Tubing. It was really one for the books!

And then took more pictures with the picturesque background before we head back to Hayward.

We also went to the Nike Factory Outlet. And I was just asleep the whole trip going home.

Hope to go back to Lake Tahoe in the future!


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