The ABC’s of USA

..of what i love during our trip
..of what i’ll miss
..of what i’ll never forget

it’s been 5 days since i arrived from my vacation. from that days, i was able to collect things that will make me remember my trip. there’s so many that i thought of putting it in ABC’s. so here it goes…

A.. Aladdin. i always love that guy. he’s my crush. that’s my favorite Disney movie. Princess Jasmine is my favorite princess. Genie is the best. Aladdin in California Adventure will always be my favorite musical. i’ll never forget the time that i’ve been looking for Princess Jasmine all over Adventureland in Disneyland, fyi, i didn’t see her. damn. hated it. the only two times that i saw her was at the musical and at Fantasmic, but she’s way to far. grr. i’ll never forget the time that i went around looking for Snow White and Princess Aurora tapos si Aladdin just passed by the bench were my mom was waiting for me and my sister. hindi ba nakakainis? also the time that i saw Aladdin, and ran after him literally. and of course the picture of me and him. ❤ and our short conversation. hehehe. i'll never forget the time that i am looking for some Disney Princess item, complete kasi ang gusto ko. i found the perfect one, pero wala si Jasmine. i'm so inis kasi lagi siyang left out. Pwede ba namang bilin ko yun ng wala yung favorite ko? diba?? nagtataka lang talaga ako kung bakit ganun, pag sinabing Disney Princess laging wala si Princess Jasmine. gusto ko na ngang itanong sa nagbebenta eh.

B.. (1) Buffet. We had endless buffets at different places we went. Most of them are chinese cuisine. super nasawa kaya ako. masarap naman eh. pero sa ilang times naming kumain ng chinese food, shempre masasawa kami diba? another buffet that’s my favorite was when we ate at Sweet Tomato. Yummy soup, salad, pastry & ice cream. Wag kayo magtaka kung bakit ako nag gain ng 10 lbs. bakit medyo bumilog yung muka ko at nagkabilbil. yak.
(2) Border. that’s when we went to San Diego.. We went to the outlet in San Ysidro, where in the last USA exit is located. where in there’s a black fence dividing USA and Mexico. Where you can actually see houses that’s already in Mexico, Where you can the the flag of Mexico. Cool noh? i wish i was able to take a picture of me at the border, but didn’t have time because the outlet’s almost closing that time. i thought i would be able to be in two places at the same time, just like what Jamie Sullivan aka Mandy Moore did at A Walk to Remember.
(3) Build-A-Bear. Those very close to me knows i have a 4-yr old baby bear named Muffy. And most of you knows i love shopping for her clothes. Now, I have another one, named Ollie. and i felt i was in heaven when i was in the Build-A-Bear store at Downtown Disney. Imagine me surrounding with loads of clothes for my babies. woah. don’t even dare to ask me how much i spent at that store alone. baka itapon niyo ako eh. hehe.

C.. California. This is the state were i went. dito kami nag ikot ikot. dito ako nag stay for a month.

D.. (1) Disneyland. Who would not miss the happiest place on earth? Sure, when i was 5 years old, i forgot what this look like, i just remember stuff because of the pictures. but now, no. everything, every little detail of Disney will always be here in my heart. The characters, the parades, Fantasmic, the fireworks, the expensive food, the toys, the rides, especially Space Mountain. that’s my favorite. California Adventure– Soarin’ over California, Grizzly River Run. hay. indeed it’s the happiest place on earth. love you Mickey! 🙂
(2) Denny’s. hay nako. Sobrang favorite ko talaga tong place na ito. Isa ito sa nagpataba sa akin eh. i’m missing the pan cakes, the hashbrowns, the bacons.

E.. English. A month before i went to the Cali, i attended our org’s international conference as a organizing committee member. Super ‘we bleed, we die’ talaga kasi pati mga inside jokes we need to translate it to English. now, i’m in the states, what can you say, how can i survive if i don’t bleed and die. haha. wala, you really have to, even if i’m talking to my cousins who are Filipinos, nakakatamad. haha. mas gusto ko talaga mag-Tagalog.

F.. Fisherman’s wharf. one of the many places i visited in SF. Missing it’s very cold temp. Missing Pier 39. Missing just wwalking around the place.

G.. Ghirardelli. that’s the world famous chocolate i loved there. The place where chocolates are made. The place were i was fascinated with chocolates and ice creams. Hey, we got free chocolates in here!

H.. Hollywood. it’s the place i wanted to visit. hahaha. wala lang gusto ko lang maglakad lakad sa Hollywood Blvd. habang binabasa basa yung mga names ng mga stars sa stars. 🙂

I.. In n Out. The place that has the most delicious burger ever. the place were i had my first burp. haha. Even though i was kinda full the first time i ate there, naubos k pa din yung burger and fries ko. kasi super sarap. super namimiss ko na nga yun ngayon eh.

J.. JellyBelly Factory. yeap, jelly beans. i love jelly beans. but then, hindi ko na mashado gusto ito after i went to the factory. yeap, it’s amazing watching the workers how to make every piece of jelly bean. but then, if you get to watch and smell all the jelly beans at the same time, na nagka halo halo na ang flavors, gugustuhin mo pa kaya kumain nun? ako hindi na. Kahit pa, binigyan kami ng madaming free jelly beans. But i was able to try Bertie Bott’s, feeling ko nasa Hogwarts tuloy ako. Yung Soap flavor, lasang Tide. hehe.

K.. KKG. “ONE DAY” since the day i’ve met this 4 friends of mine, since the day we became KKG. we’ve already dreamed of meeting and spending time together. yeah, they were my friends online that i met 3 years ago. We’ve never stop being friends. Yeap, I’ve met some of them here when they went home, Karen was even at my debut. Even though, we’re miles apart, when you need them, they’re always there, well, almost. hehe. since we have different timezones, and now that we are in college and some of us our working. That faithful day of April 30, 2006, that “ONE DAY” — the term we used for the time we will all be together, happened. I’m really so glad to see you guys again. Distance will really never be a barrier, yes, even time. for i know are friendship will really be forever. right?

L.. Lake Tahoe. this is the place we went to on our first day. this is the place were i first touched and felt snow. It’s really a great feeling. and super miss ko na ang tubing. brrr…

M.. (1) Marine World. it’s the first theme part that we went to. yeap, wala akong sinakyan na rollercoaster. ang boring ko. hehe. wala lang. i’m just not in the mood kasi puro bata kasama ko. Saw Tweety, Taz, Sylvester, Bugs, Daffy, Faghorn and some marvel heroes.
(2) Medieval Times. Ate Ruth and Kuya Warren brought me and my sister there. it’s such a cool place and a unique one to eat dinner. it’s like you are part of the audience of a jousting event, it’s not real, but they act real.

N.. Nurse. most of my relatives kasi and friends na nandun ay nurse eh. pinipilit ao ng iba na mag Nursing na lang daw ako, para makapunta ako dun and stuff. eh, ayaw ko nga nun eh. masaya ako sa course ko. 🙂

O.. Outlets. This were we bought lots of good stuff for low prices. it’s very cool in there. wala lang. Been to a lot of outlets around the places we went to. Sana may ganun din dito. hehehe.

P.. (1) Pasalubong. hehe. shempre, di naman ako pwede umuwi ng walang pasalubong sa mga very close friends ko noh. hehehe.
(2) Patrick. it’s tito Patrick. a friend of my dad. out of my stupidity kasi, i left my fone in his car. kaya for 2 weeks, wala akong fone. super na miss ko kaya ang fone ko. grabe. hindi ko kakayanin yun kung nandito ako sa pinas. mamamatay ako nun. hehehe.

Q..Qt. haha. maraming cute. cute na guy, na girl, na baby, na bahay, na place, na flower, na gamit. hay. endless.

R.. Relatives. yeah, i’m very happy to see my relatives again. some i didn’t see for 15 years some i didn’t see for two or three years, some, it’s the first time i met them. I’m very happy to see auntie grace, ate ruth and kuya warren again! So glad to finally see my auntie lina and lola fe again. i’m just sad that i wasn’t able to see my dad, my real dad. 😦

S.. (1) Spongebob. Everyone knows that i really love this sponge. been very addicted to him since the time that he is still unpopular. So happy to see him at Universal, to hug him pa. hehehe. Actually, kung titingnan niyo yung mga binili ko dito, literal, halos kalahati nun puro Spongebob. super addict na talaga ako sa kanya. hahaha.

(2) Sea Creatures. literal, nanawa ako sa mga lamang dagat, sa mga halos nakatira sa dagat, sa tubig dagat. basta lahat ng naka connect dun. mula marine world, monterey bay aquarium at sea world. yay. pinaka ayaw ko sa monteray bay. kasi ba naman ang langsa. hahaha. favorite ko sa Sea world nandun kasi si Shamu eh. grabeeeeeeeeeeee ang sharks.

(3) Seatbelts. kasi dun, dapat lagi naka seatbelt. kung hindi mahuhuli ka. dun hindi pwede overload di tulad ng ginagawa dito, pinagpipilitan ang isang damukal na makasakay sa car. (guilty kami ni cathy niyan. uap days). dun hindi pwede. huli ka. car. dapat marunogn ka mag drive may chikot ka para makagala. ako parehas wala. hindi ako marunong magdrive. wala din akong chikot. yay. (4) Shopping. yun na yun. the word says it all.

T.. (1) Target. favorite ko lang mamili dun. paminsan, pareparehas lang naman yung laman ng mga store pero hindi ako nagsasawa na mag-ikot dun. nag-eenjoy talaga ako. hehe.

(2) Tissue. nakakatuwa lang, sa bawat washroom na puntahan ko, kahit sa isang hindi commercialized na lugar, may tissue talaga. hindi nawawala, hindi nauubos. hindi katulad dito sa atin, laging walang tissue.

U.. Universal Studios. loving the place because that’s where i saw Spongebob. hehehe. Weeeh! si Spiderman din!!! nag enjoy din  talaga ako sa Universal.

V.. Views. yeap, yung mga beautiful sceneries. weeh ang ganda talaga. kahit dumadaan ka lang sa freeway mag eenjoy ka na.

W.. Wax Museum. weeh.. saya ang galing lang ng kung paano nila ginawa mga people na yun. some sobrang kamuka nila, some hindi kamuka.

X.. Xtra-size food and drinks. hehe. yung large natin, yun na ang regular nila, sa drinks may refills pa. ayan tuloy. tsssk.

Y.. Yosemite. this place is so amazing. sobrang WOW ako dito. dito ko napatunayang napaka galing ng Diyos. At super mahal niya ang tao para bigyan niya ng ganto kagandang place. Super hindi ko makakalimutang nanigas ang “palad” ng paa ko nito kasi naman sa kagustuhan kong lumapit sa paa ng falls, nagpaa ako. kahit alam kong super lamig nito dahil natunaw na snow yun. ayaw ko lang naman kasi mabasa yung shoes ko kasi baha na nun eh. the best talaga yung feeling na medyo nakapunta ako dun kahit na super dali kasi hindi ko na talaga kinakaya.

Z.. Zzzzzzz... ibig sabihin, ang dami kong tulog, sa mga road trip namin, o kaya, lagi akong kulang sa tulog kasi pag uwi ko lagi pa ako nag oonline, nung nasa SF pa kami. pero tulog lang talaga ako ng tulog eh. hehe. para dami energy.

So ayan. i’m done. i’ll go back to USA, i swear. but i’ll go home pa rin dito sa pinas, kahit na mas mahirap ang life dito. hindi ko pa ata kaya ng malayo sa mga taong mahal ko. 🙂


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