the Adeas

today was sorta a reunion day.

my kuya’s family and me had lunch with our cousins, ate aiya and ate christina. i haven’t seen the two of them for 15 years. it’s so nice to see them again. we ate at Little Asia in Greenhills. Shempre, happy ako to see Sakki and Mieke again. After lunch, We looked for pearls and we went to galle, they were looking for this oil, yung amazing touch. alam niyo ba yun? hmm..

just like what happened in America, i met up with my Auntie Lina, who’s their mom, lola fe and lola tina. 15 years ko din sila hindi nakita. kaya nga i’m so happy to see them again. Yun nga lang hindi ko nakita yung dad ko. hindi ko alam kung bakit. hay.

yup, that’s what i am. eventhough i changed my surname 11 years ago, i still am an Adea. =)


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