More Cali Hoppin’

Last night we slept at San Jose at Uncle Arman and Auntie Linda’s house. Sobrang sarap at himbing ng tulog ko kasi pagod eh.

It’s Labor Day in Pinas coz it’s May first…but us here… We went to the Great Mall and had fun shopping at Ambercrombie and Hollister and a lot more shops. yay! paubos na money ko 😦

We ate lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. Ang astig ng place very warm. what’s cool with it is that it’s a buffet. yeah, a buffet of Salad, Soup, Pastry and Sundae. You create your own salad and sundae. it’s really good! Great deal for a $9 meal, plus it’s eat all you can 🙂 so yummy. parang gusto ko tuloy magtayo ng ganung restau. 🙂

We went to Costco. it’s like Shopwise or Price club- sells wholesale products. We actually went there for my brother Denzel because he wanted to buy a PS2 (which was bought for him eventually). I, on the otherhand, got myself some socks. I was supposed to buy The Gospel of Judas book. medyo ayaw ni mommy na basahin ko yun eh, as if naman it would destroy my faith diba? I’m just curious. edi hindi na lang ako bibili, sabay si dad allowed me and Risse to buy a book, so Narnia na lang ang binili ko, I think that book has all the seven books.

We went to Auntie Grace’s house in South San Fo. Placed our things there and rested. Shempre sa super pagod ko, nagsleep ako.

We then went to Edna’s Ichiban Comedy Bar because one of auntie Grace’s friend, tita Yam have a show there.

We were with auntie Grace’s friends who’s also with some Greg person from GMA and Tony Gloria of Unitel Prod. We ate late dinner then when we got bored, Risse and Denzel and I went to Walgreen’s and bought some stuff there. hehe. 🙂 Ubos nanaman ang money 😦

So much for shopping. i wish I’ll have more $$$$$$ I still have 30 days here and i just have a few dollars left. nakakainisssssssssss! 😦

At least, I’m satisfied with everything i bought. I’m excited tuloy to go home na 🙂


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