SF tour

I had the most scrumptious breakfast, or should i say brunch, I ever had in my entire life today at Denny’s. Big breakfast talaga. It’s so yummy!

We went back home after to prepare. We started to roam around SF at 2 pm. I can’t remember all the places we passed by but I can name a few – the Union Square, China Town, the amazing Lombard street which is the most crooked street…

Then the Golden Gate Bridge where I also saw Alcatraz, it’s a prison that is secluded in an island. Kept me thinking that the idea of Azkaban came from it.

We went to Fisherman’s Wharf after. Then we ate late lunch first at North Beach Pizza. Another best of the pizzas i tasted!! It is said that all tourist should eat at that pizza place. We also passed by the magnificent Saints Peter and Paul Church.

After that we went to Ghirardelli Square. It is like a chocolate factory. Sooobrang sarap ng chocolate nila. You’ll be able to see how chocolates are made there. And we also ate ice cream, banana split.. And I must say, there ice cream is the bomb!

Pier 39 was our last stop. It was freezing in this area, I almost couldn’t take it anymore. We went around the place and it has lots of interesting shops. Anyway, we had our picture taken at Magic Carpet Ride, It’s like we’re riding a magic carpet then the background is the Golden Gate. 🙂 it’s so cool.

Finally, we went to Tita Yam’s place to eat dinner. Then, I slept for a while and we had to go home.

More adventures to come in the coming days, it is just the 4th day! ❤


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