sea shells, sea shells by the sea shore

We went to Monterey today. Another long and tiring drive. We went to Monterey Bay Aquarium. Jellyfishes, starfishes, blue marlins, Dori, Nemo, dolphins, sharks, uhm ano pa ba? basta favorite ko dun yung penguin- lalo na yung nanginginig at yung sea otters na kain ng kain. aww. they’re so cute!\

Had lunch at 17-mile Drive, first at the picnic grove at the Spanish bay then went to Pebble beach for some sight-seeing. wala lang i just can’t believe that i am having lunch at the shores of the pacific ocean. kahit na halos mamatay ako sa lamig.

Finally, i was able to talk to my Auntie kanina. i really hope to see my relatives when i go to LA next week kasi the last time i saw them was 15 years ago. Thanks to sakki! kasi kung hindi niya nabigay yung number naku! hindi ko makocontact sila. 🙂


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