Stanford + Cheesecake Factory

Tita Pearl picked us up early today. We went to her house in Fremont, Palo Alto. We ate lunch at The Cheese Cake Factory, scrumptious as it is, the pasta i ate, i wasn’t able to finish it because of its very big serving.

We went to her work in Stanford University Medical Center. Very beautiful!

We went to Stanford mall — very expensive, haha. We went to Sizzlers where we met tita edith and my cousin, Paige and ate dinner there. grabe, kumain nanaman kami.

We went to a house of dad’s friend. Then went back to Hayward. My ate ruthie‘s waiting for me.. us there! We take a look at the pictures in auntie lelet’s album, grabe super tawanan. kasi nakakatawa yung mga old pictures namin. ang squammy (sqautter) ng itsura namin. nakakatawa. ang iitim. hahahaha. After a few hours, kuya warren picked her up.

Tita Pearl is my dad’s cousin. She’s one of the relatives of dad that my mom’s very close with. She left Pinas in 1992. Basically, that time Aina and Me are the only kids at Lipa. Those were the times were we were playing power rangers. we were dancing Get Down and Macarena. nakakatawa, naalala ko lang yun. Ako pa lang ang niyayakap yakap niya. although yung sister ko ang inaanak niya. hindi na niya kasi na meet yung sister ko kasi she went here na nga. so, it’s the first time that they meet each other.Ayun lang. nakakatuwa lang at naremember ko yun. 🙂


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