Six Flags Day

Early this morning, Tita Emma and Tito Nel with the kids, Adam, Jake, Eric and Baby Jenna picked us up. We first went to Vallejo to the house of my mom’s Uncle Toting and Aunite Tina. It’s actually my first time meeting them.

We then went to Six Flags Marine World. I enjoyed tha place even though I didn’t ride all the rides. haha. Especially the roller coasters. haha. Not in the mood. Wala ako kasama and yung iba hindi ko kaya. yay.

We also watch Shouka, the killer whale and Merlin, the dolphin. We amazing talaga. i love dolphins. 🙂

We played at the game booths. Got some stuff toys. I got a daffy duck and bugs bunny:)

Had pictures with Bugs, Daffy, Tweety, Sylvester, Taz, Foghorn, Flash, Wonderwoman, Batman and Robin, etc. haha. feeling bata.

We also viewed the different sea creatures in the oceanarium. Saw some walrus, sharks and more dolphins.

When we got home, I kinda helped my mom do some stuff. Fixed our things. ang kalat na din kasi eh. haha. i just realized how many things i shopped. grabe. pano ko kaya iuuwi yun sa pinas?

The past few days, i’ve been really obsessed with THAT GUY. yeah, i really really really like him even before.. since the day i watched him as ian Wallace in What a Girl Wants and as Jay Corgan in Raise Your Voice. pero nitong mga nakaraang araw talaga, lagi ko siyang naiisip. wah? iba na ito! haha. lagi ko pa pinakikinggan yung song niyang Greatest Story Ever Told. siguro, dahil may naaalala lang talaga akong tao sa kanya. uy,, iba na yan. haha.. THAT GUY talaga!


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