Join the Upcoming Hakab na! 2017!

The best flash mob I’ve ever seen on TV is not some popular actor proposing to his longtime girlfriend, or those dancing prisoners, but a huge group of breastfeeding mommas flashing their breasts all at the same time, feeding their little ones in an event called Hakab na! Yep, I was a breast feeding momma.... Continue Reading →


August is Breastfeeding month. But this is the first August that I am no longer breastfeeding Coco. Actually, today marks exactly half a year since the last time I breastfeed Coco. I exclusively breastfed Coco for 2 years. Mix fed him for another 11 months. Currently formula fed for the last 6 months (No i'm... Continue Reading →

Breast Friends and Milk

To cap of the Breastfeeding Month, let me share to you my best friends that aided my milk supply throughout the 17 months that I have been breastfeeding my son. I tell you, he has no plans of weaning yet, neither do I. The first few weeks, I had the usual Malunggay-based/ingredient viand. Be it... Continue Reading →

Breastfeeding: A Winning Goal

Funny how I attended a breastfeeding symposium today, when I have been exclusively breastfeeding Coco for the last 17 months. And before I gave birth, I never really attended any breastfeeding/preggy talks nor read about breastfeeding online. I only gained "knowledge" through what my mommy friends where talking about or a few posts that I... Continue Reading →

Breast is Best

We all want the best for our babies, that's a given. It is my choice to breastfeed my son. I don't care if no one will support me, but thank God people who surrounds me supports me. I'm proud of myself for giving him the best gift that he could ever receive his entire life.... Continue Reading →

My First Mother’s Day

There were no bouquet of flowers or cakes and chocolates. But what made it special was my husband came home right in time for "my day" (since he was out of town for work). This year, I am finally and legitimately part of this celebration. Few years back, I was greeted because I am second... Continue Reading →

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