A Breastfeeding Advocacy; It is not #BreastIsBest, it is #MomsSupportMoms

20190725_2238Three precious years of breastfeeding my Coco-bear, a choice I made because I know that it is the best gift that I will give him in his lifetime. It was probably one of the most amazing times I had with him, those “he doesn’t want anyone else but me” moments, those hugs, those look in his eyes, those sounds he made while feeding as if chatting, those warm touch, those exhibitionist positions, those sleepless nights. Oh how it made me teary eyed as I reminisce THE feeling, so clingy and sweet, the only bonding that him and I shared.

Looking back, I think I was my own support system. Yes, those who surround me would just let me do what I want, to breastfeed him. Agree with me. But there will still be those who would tell me to give him formula. I refused that because I know I can manage and I know this is what’s best. But even though I felt like that, I still want to thank my husband, because he believed in my decision and supported it.

Maybe because of that feeling, I had a commitment to myself. I had to encourage at least 1 friend to breastfeed. I remember helping a friend latch her daughter. It was like the first time I latched Coco, like there was magic everywhere. One friend turned to a handful. It is fulfilling to know that one way or another, I had inspired a mom to breastfeed her child.20190725_2263

I always say before, “Strike anywhere, everywhere”, because I really didn’t care before, wherever I was, whatever I wore, I would feed on demand. My breastfeeding journey before is quite different from the journey of mom’s in the present time. If it wasn’t that normal before, well it is more normal now. And I would like to commend all the breastfeeding advocates for taking the stand, for pushing to normalize breastfeeding, for making it #ComfortableAnywhere for moms and their babies to breastfeed, even in public. I must say, “we” did it.

As we celebrate Breastfeeding Month this August, let’s support our right to be #ComfortableAnywhere with #PhilipsPH. Share your experience and post a photo with your support network who make you feel #ComfortableAnywhere while breastfeeding.


Thank you so much, Philips AVENT PH for including me to be part of an advocacy that is very close to my heart.

Top by Camille Patio
Make Up by Rissey Reyes
Skin Care: Beautéderm



  1. Congrats on your breastfeeding journey! I breastfed my daughter for 3.5 years and it was a joy to do so. Tipid sa formula, pero most of all, those years are the best bonding moments with her. Thanks for sharing yours!


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